Your Ideas, Please!


I am fast approaching the end of the (free) media upload limit for this blog, The Girl Next Door. This means I will soon not be able to upload any new photos/videos on this blog.

I am here to ask you for suggestions as to what you would like me to do in this case. I have the following ideas:

  1. Keep this blog going as long as there is free media space available (and till I use up the posts that I have saved as drafts), and then shift to a new domain entirely.
  2. Shift to my other blog The World Through My Eyes, after the media upload limit has ended and all the drafts have been used up.
  3. Apply for the purchase of extra media space for this blog.
  4. Continue writing non-photo posts on this blog, and do the photo posts on The World Through My Eyes.

What would you recommend me to do? Any of the above or something else altogether?

Do let me know! I’m all ears. Thanks!


27 thoughts on “Your Ideas, Please!

  1. Start archiving a few posts from this blog to your other blog. Only the posts you think that can be archived. You can also mention a link for those posts that direct to the other blog.


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