Product Experience: Pee Safe Toilet Sanitiser Spray And Multi-Use Wet Wipes

So, the good people at Pee Safe asked me if I would be interested in reviewing two of their products – their Pee Safe toilet sanitizer spray and multi-use wet wipes. I said yes, and I am glad I did. I loved both the products, especially the spray.

Here are my thoughts about the Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray.

This is a unique product, at least to me. I have never come across something like this before. As the name suggests, this is a spray that helps sanitize public toilets and makes them safe to use. At the same time, it deodorises the toilet too, protecting you from dangerous germs as well as dreadful smells. 🙂

I am the kind of person who dreads using public toilets because of the lack of hygiene associated with them. I would rather wait till I get to our hotel or get back home to pee, rather than use a public loo. But then, that is not always possible. In situations where there is no other go but to use a public toilet, Pee Safe comes in handy.

A 40 ml bottle of Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray

The spray is super simple to use. All you need to do is shake the bottle, open the cap, hold the nozzle 25 cm away from the toilet and spray, then wait for 5 seconds for it to act. It has a pleasant fragrance and, apparently, gets rid of 99.9% of the germs that lurk in public toilets, causing urinary tract infections and other ailments. (Go here if you’d like to see a video about how the spray needs to be used).

The bottle is very easy to carry around in your handbag or laptop bag, making it a boon for frequent travellers and others who need to use public restrooms often. The Pee Safe website tells me the spray is allowed on flights, too, so you can carry it wherever you go.

The sanitizer spray comes in different sizes, and I received the 40 ml one as a testing sample. I found it so very handy when I recently travelled via road to Tumkur. This is a product that I would definitely recommend, for men and women alike. Better to be safe than sorry, I say!

As far as my understanding goes, the spray needs to be kept out of reach of children, but then that is the case with all disinfectants. Do keep this in mind when you buy such products, though.

A 40 ml bottle of Pee Safe toilet sanitizer spray is priced at INR 99, which is very reasonable, I think.

And here are my thoughts on the Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes.

The Pee Safe wet wipes are multi-use, as the name suggests. They are completely safe to use on skin, and can be used on your face and hands. They can also be used to wipe cutlery and furniture while dining out, as well as on door handles, computer keyboards, desks, or your seat on a flight or train journey. These wipes apparently kill the germs that lurk on these surfaces, your skin included, and thereby reduce your chances of contracting infections.

In case of an injury, these wipes are safe to use on injured skin. They help in removing dirt and microbes from the site of the wound, bringing down the chances of infections.

A pack containing 10 Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes

The wipes come with a nice, soft fragrance, and are cool and refreshing. They can be very easily carried around in a purse or a laptop bag. Just like the toilet sanitizer spray, these wipes are also super useful for a frequent traveller or one who needs to use public places frequently. I found the wipes so useful on our road trip, too! The wipes are another product that I wouldn’t mind recommending to friends and acquaintances.

The instructions on the package suggest that the wipes be kept out of reach of babies, and that infants not be allowed to chew on them, swallow them, or lick them. It is, therefore, essential to store the wipes out of reach of children and dispose of them properly. Do keep this in mind when you use this product.

A packet of 10 Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes costs INR 60 – quite reasonable, again.

Where can you buy these products?

You can buy both these products off the official Pee Safe website here. They are also available on SafetyKart, Amazon India, and eBay India.

More information:

Check out the Pee Safe Facebook page for more details about these products.


I received 2 40 ml bottles of Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray and 2 packets of Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes, containing 10 wipes each, as free samples for the purpose of testing. The views expressed here are my own, based on my personal use of the two products. I do not stand to any kind of commercial gain from Pee Safe by recommending their products.


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