Recent Foodie Discoveries Across Some Bangalore Eateries

I absolutely must tell you about some great foodie joints we have discovered over the past couple of months in Bangalore, and about the wonderful fare we have had there. I think Bangalore is a great place for foodies like me, where there are so many options to eat out, so many varied cuisines to try, so many interesting and different dishes to sample, so many culinary legends, so many new cafes and quirky joints.

Today, I am going to tell you all about a few of the Bangalore eateries we have explored lately.


Cafe Mishmash, HSR Layout

We have passed by this snazzy-looking cafe in HSR Layout so many times, and have always felt it looked inviting and interesting. One day, recently, we decided to drop in, and were richly rewarded.

The place is spacious and very upmarket, with indoor and terrace seating available. We got seated in the terrace, on a corner table where we could overlook the busy road outside. It was a tad noisy, thanks to the music playing in the restaurant and the traffic outside, but it wasn’t overwhelming, thankfully. Service was prompt, and the service staff was courteous, friendly and helpful.

As its name suggests, the cafe serves a ‘mishmash’ of things, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It has a huge accordion-shaped menu that includes Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, North Indian and Italian food, among other cuisines. It was so very difficult for us to choose just a couple of dishes from this huge menu! Finally, we decided to go all Lebanese and ordered a Mezze Platter and a Lebanese platter.

This was our first tryst with Lebanese cuisine and, I am thrilled to say, it was a good one. Both dishes turned out to be scrumptious, well presented and filling.

The Mezze Platter is a sampler of basic Lebanese fare such as hummus, kaboos and baba ganoush, served with a little salad. We loved everything to bits, and the freshly baked hot bread just melted in our mouths.

Mezze Platter at Cafe Mishmash

The Lebanese pizza was lovely, too. It was a thin-crust pizza, perfectly baked, served with just a hint of sauce, a whole lot of cheese and a generous sprinkling of thyme. It was very different from the sauce and topping-loaded pizzas we are used to, and we absolutely loved it.

Lebanese Pizza at Cafe Mishmash

The prices here are quite a bit on the higher side, though. Dinner for two would cost around INR 1200, without alcohol. However, we were happy with the experience we had at the cafe, and wouldn’t mind going back for more.


Krishna Kafe, Koramangala

We have visited Krishna Kafe in Koramangala a couple of times before, and have always had a lovely experience. Recently, though, our love for this eatery has been rekindled all over again. We have a had a couple more visits to this place lately and it hasn’t disappointed us. Not at all.

Krishna Kafe is known for its ‘full meals’, served on a banana leaf. This is pakka South Indian-style food, with delicacies from across Tamil Nadu being served. While the place does serve other ‘tiffin’ items like dosas and idlis, the banana leaf-meal remains a hot favourite with patrons. And that is not without reason – the meals are absolutely gorgeous!

Saturdays and Sundays are when the eatery serves ‘special meals’ – full-on kalyana saapadu, with a sweet dish. We have had the best experiences at this place on weekends, so we would urge you to visit on a weekend too, if at all you plan to visit.




Special meals at Krishna Kafe

The meals, weekend or weekday, includes finger-licking delicious fare. You are served with courtesy and care, and are given leisure to enjoy your meal, unlike the marathon-like serving of similar meals in South Indian weddings. For me, the leisure is the best part of eating at Krishna Kafe. A meal here is an opportunity for me to sit back, chew peacefully and really savour the taste of each mouthful.

The place is not very high on ambience, though, and has a mess-like appearance. It is, however, a functional arrangement and it works. The eatery claims that it does not use soda or any kind of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in its food. The taste of the food is, indeed, homely – this is the kind of food a South Indian maami would prepare for her loved relatives.

Price-wise, too, we found this place reasonable. One meal costs around INR 160, which is good, considering the variety of items that are served.

I am a big fan of the Chettinadu kara kozhambu here, so don’t forget to ask for it when you’re here!


Chianti, Koramangala

We paid a visit to Chianti recently, having heard loads about the lovely Italian fare that the place serves. Chianti has an outlet at Indiranagar as well, but we visited the Koramangala one. We weren’t disappointed at all.

The place is cosy and welcoming, and tastefully done up in Italian-style decor. It is spacious, with two-floor seating available.

Of all that we ordered, two dishes stood out for us – the Spaghetti Alio Oglio and the Tiramisu. They were just brilliant!

For the uninitiated, Spaghetti Alio Olio is a very, very simple dish, where the spaghetti is served without sauce. The spaghetti is just dressed in an olive oil, salt and garlic dressing, traditionally – it is that simple. The origin of Spaghetti Alio Oglio are unclear, but it is believed that it originated in the villages of Italy. This used to be a dish made by poor peasants when they had little else but olive oil, garlic and salt to eat their spaghetti with. Now, times have changed, and this peasant dish is available in fancy restaurants as far away from Italy as Banglaore. But I digressed. What I was trying to say is that, with so few ingredients, do you see how easy it is to get this dish all wrong? Chianti manages to make this dish beautifully, though, and it tastes just perfect. This dish might require some getting used to, especially if you have been eating sauce-loaded pasta all this while, but we adored it.


The Tiramisu – sigh! I drool even now when I think of it. It was such an exquisite confection of chocolate and coffee, so light it felt almost surreal to eat it. It was perfectly done, and the taste was just beautiful.


I would definitely urge you to try out the Tiramisu whenever you visit Chianti. It does happen to be one of their signature dishes too.

The prices here are steep, with a meal for two costing as much as INR 2000, without alcohol. I would say the place is great for a once-in-a-while indulgence.


Have you been to any of these places? If so, do tell me all about what you liked there!


Disclaimer: All the views expressed in this post are my own. Each meal written about here has been paid for by me. I am not party to any kind of gain by writing about these eateries, and do so only with the intention that you too should enjoy the lovely experiences and food we have enjoyed at these places.





5 thoughts on “Recent Foodie Discoveries Across Some Bangalore Eateries

  1. Hi – I’ve followed your blog for a while and love your simple writing style. Will definitely check out these places next time i’m in bangalore.


  2. every.single.thing. looks insanely delicious. Oh, my mouth is ever watering! Thanks for sharing. I love learning about different authentic food places from travelers!


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