If We Were Having Coffee…

… I’d tell you that Bubboo went on to recover from her bout of cold and cough, only to lose her appetite completely. For the last week or so, she has just been refusing to eat. She just doesn’t eat anything, which has put all of us in a panic. We have tried everything we could – changing her meal times, giving her different types of food that taste different, giving her different textures of food, feeding her at different places, feeding her with other kids, and so on and so forth. Nothing has been working. We have even consulted a doctor, who says she has just lost her appetite and needs to find it back again, and that there’s otherwise nothing wrong with her. This is the third time in a row that she’s unwell – first the loosies, then the cold and cough, and now this. All of us are tired to the bones. It feels like we haven’t slept in ages, thanks to Bubboo not sleeping well through the night, and being super duper cranky and clingy these days. It is painful seeing her so tired and distressed – she has never been sick this long. I just wish things get back to normal soon!

… I’d tell you that I feel drained of energy, which is understandable given the repeated bouts of illness that Bubboo is going through. My exercise and healthy eating has taken a backseat, consequently. I so want to get back to proper eating habits and my daily walks. I feel so unhealthy now, on top of being stressed out. Not a good place to be in, definitely.

… I’d tell you that there are a few events coming up in Bangalore that sound super duper exciting, and which I’d love to go to, provided Bubboo gets well by then. First, there’s Dastkar starting on August 6th and then this very interesting event at Lahe Lahe on August 15th. Fingers crossed!

… I’d tell you that I am finding it tough to believe that it is August already. August! The eighth month of the year is already here! Didn’t 2016 just start? Just where is all my time going? It is actually scary when I think of it.

… I’d tell you that I have been thinking of all the good times that we have to look forward to, now that August has started. Independence Day is going to come up, and Janmashthami and Ganesh Chaturthi are not far behind. I hope our apartment’s management association has something exciting in store for us this festive season as well, just as they had last year.

… I’d tell you that we have been considering schools for Bubboo. We are still not sure when to put her into a school, and what type of school to put her in either, but we have been reading up, asking around, just generally researching. We have come across some interesting options for kids.. I think we need to do some more researching, and then we’ll be ready to take a decision regarding her schooling.

…. I’d tell you that it has been almost a year since we shifted to this place. A year! I am happy that it has begun to feel more like home now than it used to in the initial days after shifting. We are discovering new places and things around us, finding out favourites, getting to know people and making new acquaintances. I have had a ready topic of discussion with the other mothers around – Bubboo. We have been talking about our babies and what they do and what not, and it has been quite interesting. It has been fun, eye-opening, and informative. πŸ™‚

… I’d tell you that I have been trying to stick to my habit of reading a little bit every day, in spite of all the hullabaloo that is a part of my life these days. That said, almost all the books I have been picking up lately have been, sort of, lacklustre, even the good ones. They don’t seem to have that magic that I used to find in books earlier. I am so waiting for me to discover that mind-blowing read that will stop me in my tracks. Ideas, please?

… I’d tell you that Bubboo is going to turn two, come October! Two! I have been looking forward to her birthday, all the shopping and planning that comes with it, too. πŸ™‚ We aren’t yet sure what kind of celebration we’ll be having for her birthday, but we’ll be having one for sure! I have been checking out dresses and cake designs, but haven’t reached a conclusion yet. Do let me know if you have any ideas on these two fronts, please!

… I’d also ask after you and your loved ones, as to what you have been up to, and how has life been lately.


For Weekend Coffee Share, a very interesting meme here. Do check it out!



11 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…

  1. Not a mom though, what I feel is with growing age bubboo is bound to experience such changes. Don’t worry just take care of her and yourself.

    Regarding loss of pleasure in reading… it might be because of so many things going on in back of your mind.. try to be at peace with things happening around! You never know if you get back to your reading regime!


    1. @Shiviphoenix

      Yes, I do understand that something or the other is always up with kids around, illnesses included. I did sign up for that when I decided to become a parent. That said, what hurts is that this is the first time she has been sick for so long – she has been unwell now for almost a month. The lack of sleep, lack of her eating, clinginess and crankiness is doing us in. 😦

      About the reading, I guess you are right. Even picturesque Italian countrysides, depictions of greenish-golden olive oil and feta on toasted bread can fail to touch your heart when there’s a toddler around you screaming his/her heart out or threatening to grab your book. πŸ™‚ That, and the fact that I just haven’t had great luck with books recently.


  2. A lot happening .. and god bless the little one hope she gets her appetite back
    . There is so much to eat out there and you cook some delicious recipes.. as I have mentioned earlier tooo I am gate crashing one day…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    And she will be 2 wowow.. time flies. .


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