I wrote this just yesterday, proclaiming my love for balconies that are open and not grilled in, ones that look onto a road. And, today, I get to know of a toddler falling from the second floor of an apartment and meeting his death. It all happened in a matter of seconds, apparently, while the mother was preparing breakfast in the kitchen and keeping an eye on the child. Theirs was an open balcony, and the curious child somehow managed to jump over the railing. The news has shattered me. I am upset ever since I read it.

This is something that could have happened to anyone. However much you keep your kids under strict supervision, they have this way of distracting you, of getting into something in a matter of seconds while you go to grab a glass of water or visit the loo. Day by day, I realise this, more and more.

Bubboo has already started doing gymnastics in the balcony. She is very, very curious. She loves the balcony. She loves looking out. I do keep a tight eye on my child, but she still distracts me, frustrates me, shocks me, every now and then. This piece of news, as I see it, is a lesson in parenting. It comes at the right time, telling me to do something that I have long been procrastinating on – cover up our balcony.

I can’t be careful enough when it comes to ensuring a good life for my daughter. I don’t want to keep postponing a task indefinitely, and then regret later about not doing it earlier. Safety comes first, especially when it is my child in the area of concern – our likes and dislikes later. It is probably time to get that balcony covered. I will learn to take it with a pinch of salt.

May the soul of the deceased child find peace, and may the parents find strength.



8 thoughts on “Shocked

  1. Do get the balcony modified for child safety TGND, such news is scary and it’s true that no matter how alert we are, kids always find a way to escape..! Be careful..


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