If We Were Having Coffee…

… I’d tell you that Bubboo just recovered from her bout of tummy upset and the loosies and then fell sick again, yesterday, with a bad sore throat, cough and vomiting. She hasn’t been sleeping well, has been clingy and in pain again, and we have been worn down to bare bones. I, for one, really, really need something to de-stress myself. I can’t wait to go on a holiday where there isn’t really much to do, except roam around and laze. I want that kind of vacation, pronto! If that’s not a possibility, I do want a (few little) something(s) that will perk me up instantly. 😦

… I’d tell you about how my resolution to try to get fitter and eat healthier and reduce my stress levels has, quite literally, gone to the dogs, almost since the beginning of this month. I was just beginning to feel the good kind of difference to the rolls of fat that envelop my tummy, when the said difference disappeared into thin air, and I am back to square one, as far as health is concerned.

… I’d tell you that we did manage to go to the family wedding I told you about, in between Bubboo’s previous bout of illness and this one. It was such a simple, homely, satisfying affair that it set me thinking about the grand big hoopla that passes off as ‘wedding’ these days. I wore my mother’s wedding saree to the wedding – a gorgeous golden silk saree with a big, big maroon temple border – and it won me many compliments. The couple gifted me a gorgeous cotton saree, which I just love!

…. I’d tell you that I just realised I haven’t been giving my saree collection its due share of love and wearing of late, which isn’t good. There are so many stories, so many memories attached to each saree of mine, which I would love to relive. I should get around to giving them an airing more frequently than I do now.

… I’d tell you that Bubboo is becoming more and more interested in pretend play these days. She looks into the mirror, kisses her reflection, saying ‘Paapa, kiss!’ She makes imaginary tea and rasam in vessels from the kitchen, and insists on feeding each one of us with her own hands. She’s a darn cute sight to watch, if I might say so myself. 🙂

… I’d tell you that we have been exploring the few parks around our house, trying to find one that Bubboo and we like the best, so that we can be regular visitors and make a few friends. But then, each park has something different to offer – one has a lovely sand pit, one has lovely baby-friendly swings (Bubboo’s love for the swings is something else altogether – she refuses to get off them even after swinging for almost an hour!), and yet another one has lots of leaves and pebbles and flowers that she can pick up and learn from. So, we have been alternating between different parks, letting her get her hands and feet dirty in the sand one day, letting her swing to her heart’s content the other day, letting her explore the world around her on yet another day.

… I’d tell you that I have been reading Marlena de Blasi’s The Umbrian Thursday Night Supper Club these days, and have been absolutely loving it. Considering how much I loved the author’s previous works, I wonder why I waited so long to read this one! I have been driving people crazy just by quoting passages from the book that I think are charming. (Read my thoughts about the author’s other books here, here and here.)

… I’d tell you that I’ve been introspecting a bit, trying to figure out why I am so stressed out all the time, in spite of having that nagging feeling that I am not really up to much in my life. I think I do have some insights, if not answers. Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking (which I’ve been reading off and on) has helped me figure these insights out. This related article, shared by a mother in a parenting group that I am part of, resonated with me like nothing else, and that is what led me to discover Quiet. I am a through-and-through introvert, and I need time to myself in between being social with people, talking to a child who needs a lot of talking to, taking decisions (even though ones as mundane as ‘What should I make for dinner today?’), and doing chores and running errands. I need that non-interrupted time to delve into myself, and that is how I thrive. I haven’t been getting that, and that is what has been wearing me out, a lot. Now, I need to work on these insights, find out what works for me and what doesn’t.

… I’d tell you that I’ve also sort of figured out why a lot of other mothers around me seem to get a whole lot more done in their days (and nights!) than I seem to be doing. I think it is because I am a certain kind of person, a different sort of person than them (no offense meant to these mothers, of course!). And also because Bubboo is a different sort of child than theirs. Many mothers around me resort to screen time for their children, giving them food off supermarket shelves, and just generally letting them run around the house or sleep while they go about their day-to-day chores. I have kept Bubboo away from screen time and packaged food of any kind. I insist on feeding her different varieties of home-made snacks most days of the week, and doing activities with her. Bubboo insists on getting up as soon as I wake up in the mornings or after my afternoon naps (if any), so there’s no scope of getting anything done while she’s not around. She is also not the kind of child who plays by herself – I don’t know whether that is good or bad, but she needs to be played with. I need to sit down in the sand pit in the park and play in the sand with her, for her to enjoy it. I need to sit down with her while she splashes about in her little home swimming pool. Also, I insist on the cook making healthy food for us, and not just make a jhatpat meal with loads of oil and masala. I insist on giving him a lot of feedback (thankfully, he’s been taking it well so far!). I insist on being more present in our everyday chores, too – giving a neighbour a hand-made birthday present rather than a store-bought one, for instance. In between all of this, how can I ever expect to get leisure time or not be stressed out, I realise now.

… I’d tell you that there’s this urge in me to write, again, on a freelance basis, for money. I’d love to write for a few publications that I trust in, about topics that are close to my heart. I don’t think there would be a better antidote than that to reducing my stress levels and making me feel better. I should probably start working to that end. When and how I will get around to doing that are big, big, big questions, though.

… I’d also ask after you and your loved ones, about what you’ve been up to and how you’ve been. Tell me, will you?


For the Weekend Coffee Share, a very interesting and fun meme!


5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…

  1. You should go for the freelance stuffs and do things that makes you happy. You deserve happiness in every form. The Bubboo tales is love and cute, bringing a smile to my face:)


    1. @Vishalbheeroo

      Glad you liked the post! 🙂

      I do understand that taking up at least a bit of freelance work would bring me great joy. How I will get around to doing it is a big question, though. Also, I have no patience these days for keyword-heavy articles whose only purpose is to find a place on search engines – I need to find something that I love doing and that I wouldn’t mind devoting time to, in the midst of already hectic and stressful times.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right now, I am doing freelance for few projects by sitting at home. But, no SEO for it pays peanuts. I wouldn’t advise you in taking that SEO thingy! It’s crap. Do some research on subjects and see how it helps. I understand that it’s no cakewalk with a child.


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