Three Snacks That I Have Loved Lately

Lakshadweep Fruits Laddu by Magic Co

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I have come across these little laddus at a number of shops in Bangalore, but never bought any until recently. I am happy I did at last, though. I love the taste! They are dense and nice to bite into, sweet without being overly sweet, and, have a nice fragrance to them. They have that ‘natural’ aura about them – they ‘feel’ like they are made of natural ingredients, if you get what I mean.

These laddus are (the label says) made with entirely natural ingredients like coconut, cashewnuts, cow ghee, dates, jaggery and cardamom, and use no artificial colour, preservatives or flavouring agents. Each 30g laddu is priced at INR 15, which I think is very reasonable. The packaging is super cute too, with thick brown paper and twine – very eco-friendly. They are supposed to be ‘energy bombs’, filling you up with instant energy once you eat them, and their regular intake is supposed to do good to your overall health. These balls are easy to carry while travelling or to work. I carry a couple of them in my purse all the time, myself.

I wonder why these balls are called ‘Lakshadweep laddus‘. They aren’t made in the Lakshadweep islands for sure – the manufacturing takes place at Magic Co in Kasargod, a small town in Kerala. Maybe they are inspired by the cuisine of the Lakshadweep islands? If anyone can shed light on this matter, please do! Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the laddus!

Tender Coconut Chips by Magic Co


This is another interesting offering by Magic Co – chips of tender coconut that have been dried and not fried. ‘Healthy, fun and crispy snacking’ says the packaging. This product too, apparently, has been made with all-natural ingredients like tender coconut, sugar, vanilla and salt.

I recently picked up a packet of these chips and loved them. They are nice and crispy and fun to snack on, though I am not too happy about the added sugar in it. That said, there is a nice, clean, natural feel to the chips that I like. Better than snacking on fried chips and junk food, maybe?

Each 25g packet is priced at INR 25, which is very reasonable. The contents of one packet are good to eat at one go, so it is a good snack to carry along with you to work or while travelling.

Go here if you would like to read more about Magic Co’s products.

Pomegranate Fruit Spheres from Maduban Natural Products


This is yet another snack that claims to have no added sugar, flavours, or preservatives, made with all natural ingredients. These balls are made of dried pomegranate, raisins, dates, oats, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, and are quite tasty. I like the sweet-and-sour taste, but they do have a raw, oat-ey feel to them, which many might not like. The husband didn’t like them at all, actually.

Each packet contains 6 small balls, and is priced at INR 70. That makes it a slightly expensive product, and one that is not very filling. It is good for a change from the usual snacks, though, at least in our case. Apparently, they have several health benefits, as well.

Apparently, Maduban has a whole lot of other natural products on offer, many of which I would love to check out.

Have you tried out any of these products? How did you like them? 

Did you try out any new products lately that you loved? I would love to hear all about them!

4 thoughts on “Three Snacks That I Have Loved Lately

  1. I think u have a knack finding these nice places…where did u find these laddoos..I am also from Bangalore and have been searching for these after reading your post…no luck yet😟


    1. @Ahsu

      I bought all three of the snacks mentioned in this post at Eco Store, HSR Layout. That said, I have seen the laddus at several stores across Bangalore – especially departmental stores like MK Ahmed. I think most Patanjali stores also stock them.


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