Ramadan Special At Natural Ice Cream: Malai Khurma

The holy month of Ramadan is here. To commemorate the same, Natural Ice Cream has introduced a special flavour – Malai Khurma. As soon as I got to know of this, I was super keen to try out the new flavour. It promised to be scrumptious, filled with milk cream and dates and nuts, after all. So, yesterday, the first chance we got, the OH and I headed out to the nearest Natural Ice Creams parlour to have our fill of Malai Khurma. πŸ™‚

Malai Khurma at Natural’s

The flavour didn’t disappoint at all. Like Natural’s ice creams usually are, this one too came very fresh. As promised, it was filled with cream, dates and nuts – a great representation of Ramadan, as per me. It tasted great, too, quite like Malai Kulfi with dates. That said, it didn’t taste like a ‘new’ flavour, per se, if you get what I mean.

While we were in Natural’s, we also grabbed the opportunity to taste a couple more of their delicacies. I chose the ‘Dates’ flavour for myself, from their regular menu, and was super impressed with it.

Dates ice cream at Natural’s

There was just the right quantity of dates in the ice cream, just enough to make it a beautiful treat, not overpowering, not overwhelming. It was so, so, so refreshing! I liked how the ice cream seemed to have just one primary ingredient – dates – without cluttering itself with too much of this and that. It was simple, and gorgeous. Period.

The OH got a ‘Kala Jamun’ for himself, a seasonal ice cream. This one turned out to be mindblowing, too. Like in the Dates ice cream, there was just one primary ingredient in this one – kala jamun – and we loved how that one ingredient was blended in just perfectly. Trust me when I say we have had kala jamun at quite a few places, and haven’t been impressed. This one was beautifully done.

Kala Jamun ice cream at Natural’s

The next time you pass by a Natural Ice Creams parlour, don’t forget to stop by and ask for a Malai Khurma. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Have a Dates or a Kala Jamun with it too, and remember me, will you?


  1. The Malai Khurma is a special flavour introduced by Natural’s for the month of Ramadan. It will be available in all Natural’s outlets only till June 30, 2016. The Dates ice cream is a regular, available all the time. The Kala Jamun flavour is seasonal, available only till jamun fruits are in season.
  2. This is not a promotional post for Natural Ice Creams. All of the views expressed here are my own, and the ice creams were personally bought by us.

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