More Bangalore Places That Soothe The Gujju Foodie In Me

A few months ago, I wrote this post about eateries in Bangalore that soothe the Gujarat-parched soul in me. Today, I bring to you three more places that do just that – feed the Gujju soul in me, both literally and figuratively. If you, like me, love Gujarati food, do make sure you visit these places, if you haven’t done so already.

We’ll get started, then?

Locho, BTM Layout

This funky place is a recent addition to the foodie scene in Bangalore, one that I got to know of thanks to some posts on a Facebook group that I am part of. We visited on a weekend, and were stunned to find the place packed, with Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis alike. When we tasted the food here, we got to know why – because it is plain amazing!

Locho mainly serves food from the city of Surat, Gujarat, specialising in a variety of locho, that famous street food of Surat. Apart from this, they have a mouth-watering array of Gujarati foods like khaman, dalwada, pattice, jalebi and the like.

I had never tasted locho before we visited this place, and I was amazed to discover the many intriguing varieties of the dish available here – Schezwan, Cheese, Plain and what not. We went for a Cheese Locho which just blew my mind away. I was expecting it to be a very simple, homely dish, but then it turned out to be so much more.

Cheese Locho at Locho

Next, we got ourselves a plate of Pattice, deep-fried balls of gorgeousness with a beautiful, beautiful sweet stuffing within. I wasn’t expecting the taste to be so authentic, but it was straight off the streets of Ahmedabad. I almost wept with joy, you know?

Gujarati Pattice at Locho

The plate of khaman that we ordered next was utterly gorgeous as well.

Next came Ice Dish, a popular dessert commonly sold on the streets of Surat, which we have never tried before. We chose a mango-flavoured one. We were expecting something similar to a baraf-ka-gola, but a plain baraf-ka-gola this one was so not! Both the OH and I were absolutely thrilled by this dessert – simple, light but immensely flavourful.

Mango Ice Dish at Locho

The place is small and has only a few seats, so it was grab-and-push to find a couple of empty stools, the last time we visited. That said, Locho serves mostly fast food of the Gujarati street type, and so the small space really cannot be considered a constraint. Also, I have a feeling the eatery might not have been all that crowded, had we visited on a week day.

Prices here are quite reasonable, most of the items in the INR 20-100 range, the same as the prices of similar items back home in Gujarat. I am so very happy they did that, and didn’t decide to charge a premium price for serving authentic Gujju food in Bangalore!

It has been a couple of months since we visited Locho, and much to my disappointment, a second visit hasn’t worked out yet. The flavours of all that we ate on that first visit, though, I can still feel on my tongue. This was one eatery visit where every single dish we ordered was just perfect and much liked. I hope the same prices, quality, and flavours are maintained as the eatery grows in popularity, as it is now, very much.

Shree Mithai, HSR Layout

Tucked away in a quiet lane just behind the HSR Layout BDA Complex, this is one place we discovered entirely by chance. And am I glad we did?! I can’t thank my stars enough for that – this place serves some very lovely North Indian-style snacks, sweets and chaats!

I am so very glad to note that this eatery serves authentic khandvi, and I have become a big fan of theirs. Their khaman, too, is lovely, though not quite the spongy, nylon khaman that I have grown up gorging on, in Ahmedabad.

Of their chaats, I am a big fan of their aloo tikki, Bombay bhel, and Mixed Chaat.

Bombay Bhel at Shree Mithai

The chaats here are, like I said before, are made in typical North Indian fashion, quite unlike the chaats with a distinct South Indian taste available elsewhere in the city.

We have been to this place quite a few times, and have been happy with the fare here every single time. Prices are, again, quite reasonable. I like the old-world mithai shop feel of this place, too – quite spacious and uncluttered.

Agarwal Chaats, HSR Layout

Agarwal Chaats is another place in HSR Layout that serves some amazing, amazing North Indian-style chaats. Though this is not a proper Gujarati place, my soul finds solace here in the distinct North Indian flavours that can be found in the menu here.

We almost always end up gorging on the huge variety of chaats available here, as a result of which we haven’t tasted much else of their extensive menu. But then, it’s not our fault if the chaats are so lovely!

The husband and I find the Churmur Chaat here super-duper delish, as is the case of the Gobi Manchurian here too. These two dishes would be my top picks, at this place.

Churmur Chaat at Agarwal Chaats

A close second would be their bhel, which is just lovely and loaded with ingredients. Their dhokla bhel, a first-time trial for me here, is good too – I had never thought dhokla (khaman, really) would pair up so well with bhel, but it does!

Dhokla Bhel at Agarwal Chaats

These people’s Dhokla Bhel inspired me to try my hands at something I had aeons ago, at Ahmedabad – Sev Khamni.

The dhokla here, whenever you can get your hands on it that is – it gets over pretty fast! – is spongy soft and lovely, too.

This place has a decent seating arrangement, though it does tend to get crowded in the evenings. Prices are quite reasonable.


Have you been to any of these places? Your thoughts about the food here, if so?

Do you have any other Gujju foodie suggestions in Bangalore, for me?


11 thoughts on “More Bangalore Places That Soothe The Gujju Foodie In Me

  1. Ooo. Looks and sounds interesting. Shall try it the next time I am in the city… πŸ™‚ I have been hooked onto Maharashtrian food after a friend started sending home such simply made, but rather tasty dishes.


    1. @Babushka

      I’m not a great fan of so-called Gujarati thalis in Bangalore – they are so far, far away from the real deal back in Gujarat. 😦 Rajdhani included. As far as I know, Village serves Gujju thalis, right? So, I have been skeptical to try it out.


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