Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey 3: Babywearing

I never thought I was the babywearing kind of parent. I always thought babywearing was for uber-cool people, celebrities, and the like. Yes, I have often come across people of the working class, usually mothers, wearing their babies in a saree or a dupatta, but in my mind, this and babywearing were two very different things. How wrong I was!

I am so very glad I discovered babywearing, the modern way to do it I mean, thanks to a lot of pushes and prods by this girl, when Bubboo was about six months old. I regret the fact that I didn’t get to do it sooner. Apparently, babies can be carried safely in a good, ergonomic baby carrier right from Day One of their lives. I found babywearing, still find it, such a beautiful thing to do, so practical and useful, that I wish I had discovered it sooner. I have now been wearing Bubboo for a year, in a Cookiie Pie Soft-Structure Carrier (SSC) that I bought from Babywearing Stuff.

Along the way, I have learnt that babywearing is not a ‘cool’ thing to do, it is a natural, practical thing to do. I have learnt that modern-day carriers allow parents to carry their babies safely, just like the dupattas and sarees that were used for the purpose in olden times but in a much easier manner. Babywearing Bubboo has been a wonderful journey so far, one that still holds a whole lot of promise. I can’t recommend it enough.

Babywearing has let me hold my daughter close to me even as I go about my daily household chores or step out of the house for a walk or for running an errand. It has kept my daughter happy on the clingy days when she hasn’t wanted to let go of Momma. It has been a boon that has kept me sane, allowing me to get out of the house with a baby in tow, without much of a hassle. It has helped me to travel and fulfill my little dreams like occasionally visiting a mall or a fair or dining out, in spite of having had to take care of a baby. It has saved our lives on many an occasion, like a pathetically bad day when Bubboo just wouldn’t sleep or on a vaccination day when she would want to be held all the time. It has helped me nurse her whenever she wanted to nurse, irrespective of place and time, ever so discreetly. It has helped me lead as much of a normal life as a parent as I could. It has helped me retain the essence of me, live as close a life to the one I lived before I became a parent as I could ever hope to. It has kept my hands free in spite of hugging my baby close to me, so I could walk around lugging bags of shopping or groceries. It has eliminated the need for me to carry the baby’s stroller along, wherever I go, and I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge relief that has been. It has helped my daughter sleep through chaos and commotion and crowded trains, safe and snug. I could go on and on and on about how babywearing has carried me through the last year of parenting, but I will stop here. 🙂

Picture Courtesy: Cookiie Pie website, reproduced with permission. The baby carrier in the picture is a Cookiie Pie SSC, similar to the one I own.

More than anything else, babywearing has helped me bond with my baby so much better. I don’t have to leave her out of anything I want to do, and can always keep her close. Mother and cub. Cub and mother. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling her heart beat against mine as I wear her in a hug in the carrier, and go about doing whatever needs doing. That never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Picture Courtesy: Cookiie Pie website, reproduced with permission. The baby carrier in the picture is a Cookiie Pie SSC, similar to the one I own.

I get a lot of babywearing-related doubts coming my way as I step out wearing Bubboo – What if she suffocates in this carrier? What if the carrier breaks and she falls down? What if she develops the habit of being carried all the time? Don’t you get back pain carrying her like that? Is it really worth investing in a baby carrier? Will the baby’s back not get damaged if you carry her like this? I try to answer these questions as best as I can, every time. Most of these worries are unnecessary, though, if babywearing is done right.

Like everything else, babywearing needs to be done the right way for it to be safe and comfortable. You must spend time and effort in looking for an ergonomic carrier – there are a whole lot of non-ergonomic ones available everywhere today that do more harm than good, so beware! You must find the right kind of carrier that works for you and your baby. You must follow the do’s and don’ts of babywearing faithfully. You must take good care of your baby carrier, and keep it in pristine condition. Do this, and I think you are set for a lovely joyride with your baby.

Like I said earlier, I can’t recommend babywearing highly enough. It worked for my baby, it worked for me, and it has worked for a whole lot of other mothers and fathers and babies, very well. Try it out, I would say. The experience is definitely worth it. There are scientifically proven benefits to babywearing, which not many are aware of. Body-to-body contact between a mother and a baby works wonders, something even the medical fraternity will vouch for, and babywearing is a great, easy way to go about that.

Still have doubts about babywearing? Do feel free to reach out to me, and I will try to quell your worries as best as I can! I hope that will help.

Also, I would urge you to join the Babywearing India Facebook group. It is a wonderful resource for knowledge about all things babywearing. The group helps parents babywear the right way, and periodically organizes meet-ups in different cities so you get to meet other babywearing parents and learn a whole lot of new things, try out different baby carriers.

I hope you will babywear now, if you aren’t doing it already. Happy journey!

Disclaimer: This is not a promotional post for Babywearing Stuff, Babywearing India, or Cookiie Pie. This post is purely about my own experiences with babywearing, without any ulterior motive in mind.


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