Dear Bubboo,

I love the way you smile in the mornings, in that half-sleep state when you have woken up but not woken up yet, when you feel around and realise that I am right next to you. You then cuddle up to me, or hug my hands, and lie on the bed quietly for some more time, before waking up fully. In those moments, you and I are so peaceful. We are the world then – there’s no one else.

Similarly, any time of the day when you look up from your playthings and see that I am there beside you, watching you, you crook your head a wee bit, in that distinct style of yours, and smile with your eyes. You get so very happy to know that I have not gone off rushing to run this errand or send off that e-mail or do a household chore, but chose to stay right there with you. I love the way you blossom, come into your own, when you realise I am 100% with you, without doing absolutely anything else. The world stops during such moments. Again, we are enclosed in a snow globe, enchanted, where everything is beautiful.

Moments like these make the parenting journey worthwhile. They give me the strength to go through your tantrums and mood swings. It is these moments that make me determined enough to see the back of sick days and not-so-good days with you. They remind me of how little you need at this stage of your life – all you need to be happy and feel safe is for your people to be around you. The greatest gift I can give you at this point in your life (and mine!) is time. Yes, there is a life to be lived and a household to be run, too, but this won’t wait long. I propose to grab as many of these moments as I can, before they slip away from my hands like sand.

Thank you for making me slow down, stop, and observe these moments. Thank you for teaching me that you don’t always need big, fancy stuff to be happy. Thank you for reminding me that there’s nothing like having your loved ones around you, smiling and playing with you – that’s the best thing one can ask for in life.

Here’s to many more such warm, joyous moments in the course of our journey together.

With loads and loads of love,






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