The Little Dog Lover

So, a dog is the first animal that Bubboo has learnt to recognise and point out.

She squeals in delight whenever she notices a dog passing by, while we are out and, with her little fingers spread out, calls out – ‘Toto, va, va, va (Doggie, come, come, come)!’ She even recognises pictures of dogs in books, and shrieks in delight over them, too.

Whenever a dog barks in the vicinity, she is quick to give us a similar yowl, with a huge grin on her face.

Most of the times, when Bubboo is throwing tantrums or being stubborn, we just have to tell her ‘Come, I’ll show you a doggie!’, and she is immediately distracted.

Fitting, I think, for the daughter of dog-crazy parents. It looks like the dog-loving genes have passed on. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Little Dog Lover

  1. I remember being a toddler and spending my time with a stray doggie. I was like her too. 🙂 Always running behind strays. Ohhh I read both the links. I have had a dog, it was a lot of work and a ton of sacrifices as a family. He passed away and it was and is a lot of grief. But hear me when I say this for its incredibly true. I would not trade that away for anything and would relive it all over again. He was the love of my life. Will always be.
    Your little girl will not have a better buddy to grow up with.


    1. @Princessbutter

      I totally understand that my li’l one will not have a better friend than a dog! We’d love to have one at home, but there are loads of practical considerations that are making it impossible, at least as of now.

      Thanks for sharing memories of your childhood. You do sound a lot like the Bubboo of now. 🙂


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