Valentine’s Day Surprise From La Farine

This post comes quite late, but is none the less heartfelt.

So, the good folks at La Farine asked me if I would be interested in receiving some surprise goodies for Valentine’s Day. Well, who says no to such an offer? Of course, I said yes! 🙂 That is how La Farine’s Eggless Brownie Batter and Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Batter came to be delivered to our house about a week before the day of the Love Saint.

The packages, dressed in red for the occasion!

The batter was packed well in easy-to-use plastic bags, sealed nicely too. Most of La Farine’s products can be refrigerated till you are ready to use them. You need to keep the batter at room temperature for a couple of hours before you get around to baking with it.

That’s how the packages looked from the inside

There were clear instructions on how exactly to use the batter behind each package, simple and easy to follow.

The instructions on the package

Once I followed the instructions on the packages, I got some delectable goodies without the hassle of having to whip up the batter myself. The end results were gobbled up by yours truly and her beloved family as soon as pictures were clicked. 🙂

As I have said time and time again on my blog, I am an amateur baker. I am yet to learn how to whip up yummylicious treats using my oven. Till I do that, I love how La Farine offers me the option of making my own baked goodies at home, instead of relying on store-bought ones. This is my sort-of middle path to home-made bakery items.

A Double Chocolate Chip Muffin – the butterscotch syrup on top was my addition!

The Double Chocolate Chip Muffins (an off-the-shelf item, I am told) were just the right amount of dense and just the right amount of chocolate-ey. As for the brownies, oooh, they are fast growing to be one of my favourite of La Farine’s offerings! They turn out gooey and chocolate-ey and as perfect as brownies can be.

Gorgeous, gorgeous brownies – the chocolate chips on top are my addition.

Since I wrote this post, I have ordered from La Farine a couple more times, and have always met with warmth, prompt delivery, well-packaged and easy-to-use products that have yielded great results. This time around too was no exception.

Thank you so much for this lovely care package, La Farine! The surprise was thoroughly cherished by my family and me. 🙂

Disclaimer: I was offered the products free of charge by La Farine, as a Valentine’s Day gift, for being a consistent customer. This sort-of review is of my own free will. The views expressed herein are my own.


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