Fond Remembrances

Bubboo was a very active baby when she was in my tummy (not that she isn’t now; she can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes at a time!).

I was in the fifth month of pregnancy when I felt Bubboo move inside me for the first time ever. It was a little flutter in my stomach, like butterfly wings. I can’t describe it any better. It was a day before my parents’ griha pravesam , I still remember, and I was thrilled by the movement. There was nothing after that for the entire day, and I wondered if it was only my imagination. Then, on most days after that, there would be a little flutter – or two – till the seventh month or so, when I began to feel her very actively inside me.

Then, she would kick and twist and elbow me in the ribs at least once every hour, irrespective of whether it was day or night. They would be big movements, which could be seen and felt by the OH and Amma if they placed their hands on my tummy. Her hiccups would be violent too, and I would feel sorry that I couldn’t offer her a glass of water to soothe her throat at those times. If I hadn’t eaten anything for a while, she would punch my guts (literally) from the inside, as if reminding me to eat. My gynaecologist soothed my worries, telling me that strong movements were good and nothing to be tensed about. I began waiting for her to move, and would get worried if I hadn’t felt anything for some time at a stretch. I used to love those times of letting everything else around me drop away, just lying down on my bed, and waiting for her to move. It would almost feel like having a conversation with the baby!

I don’t know what would get into Bubboo when I would go for my regular scans with the gynaecologist. The doctor would just have to apply gel on my stomach and put the probe over it, and Bubboo would jump up and down and up and down at least, like, 20 times. Thump, thump, thump, she would go, and the gynaecologist would put down ‘Very active baby’ in the scan records. Was she trying to say hello to her parents?, I wonder now.

Today, when Bubboo is almost one-and-a-half, she is still her same, active self. She is curious to explore everything in the world around her, from her father’s laptop to the contents of her mother’s purse. The kicks and elbowing in my ribs still continues, but now it is from the outside.


12 thoughts on “Fond Remembrances

  1. What a beautiful post Gal! ❤
    It amazes me every single time, when I read and hear about the development of a baby within a person. No wonder a mother-child bond is SO special! 🙂


  2. Wonderful post!

    I remember the first strong kick I felt from my baby-boy-to-be. It happened right before a play we went to see, and it kept me from focusing on the show. 🙂


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