The Latest On Bubboo…

…. is that she has learnt to throw the straps of a purse or bag over one of her shoulders and say, in a very sing-song voice, ‘Byeeeeeee’. 🙂 That’s very me-going-to-work style.

This is not something that we’ve taught her, but is something that she has learnt on her own, by watching us go about our lives.

Today, she put her water-filled sipper into a bag, hung it over her shoulder, and called out a cheery ‘Byyyeeeeee’ to me. Super cute! Again, that’s very much me – I don’t leave the house without putting a little bottle of water in my bag.

Bubboo has also learnt to grab any cellphone that’s lying around, position it perfectly over her ear, and babble on endlessly, seemingly talking to a fictitious person on the other end of the line. This ‘learning’ is something I will attribute entirely to the OH, considering that he is frequently on client calls at home, within Bubboo’s earshot. I don’t use my phone at home all that much, so this is not my doing, I can safely say. This act, however, is something we have been trying to discourage, as cellphones are not very good for anyone, leave alone little babies.

These incidents have served as stark reminders to me as to how fast she is growing, how much her little brain is soaking in every single day. It also reminded me of how much kids learn to copy what they see around them – all the little things that you do every day, the way you behave as parents, the way you treat other human beings and life in general has a much deeper impact on your kids than telling them to do a certain something in a certain way.

Bubboo learns a lot as a kid every day, and I learn just as much. Parenting is as much a learning experience as it is a responsibility – and I realise this every single day.


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