Matching, matching!

Like the Mad Momma says here, “Ask any mother why she wants a daughter and buried somewhere among all the other chaff is the truth – we’re just little girls at heart and we want to play dress up.” This mother is exactly the same – she had always wanted a cute baby daughter whom she could dress up, and she is glad she got exactly that. 🙂

I have always gazed longingly at the gorgeous tiny booties and party slippers for little girls, lined up in kids’ wear stores, but never bought any, because the OH and I had decided that we wouldn’t buy any till Bubboo actually started walking. Recently, though, when Amma and I visited a mall and I spotted these gorgeous little embroidered slippers at a counter, I couldn’t resist buying a pair for Bubboo, in spite of the decision the OH and I had made. I even got a matching pair for myself.

Bubboo wasn’t walking then. The OH loved the slippers just as much as I did, and he told me to put them away safely till Bubboo began to walk. I did just that.

The first pair of slippers I officially bought for Bubboo, along with my matching ones 🙂

As if on cue, just a little over a week since I got the slippers home, Bubboo started walking. Both pairs of matching slippers wait in a plastic bag as of now, waiting for Bubboo to get a little more steadier on her feet, so can us mom-daughter duo can wear them, get out, and paint the town red!

Now, we need one little Patiala salwar kameez and a big one to match those chappals, don’t we? 🙂


12 thoughts on “Matching, matching!

  1. Awwiee.. lots of love to Bubboo!! Checkout this site – bornorganik, they have cute matching clothes for mommy and baby… You’ll get some cute ideas… and post pics so we know!! Hugs 🙂


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