Bubboo’s Big Milestone Check

It has been quite a few months since this happened. There was a lot more supported standing and walking after this, but no unsupported walking. It feels like we have been waiting a long, long, long while for Bubboo to walk without support, and that, I report, with great thrill, happened very recently.

Over the last week, Bubboo has been walking and walking and walking – without holding on to anyone or anything. She just started off walking on her own the beginning of last week, and doesn’t seem to stop. She is still a tad wobbly, but is steadier on the ground with her feet than ever before. It is super cute to watch her walking here and there and everywhere, like those super cute kids who are just learning to walk in Indian TV advertisements.

There have been a lot of questions from people as to why Bubboo isn’t walking yet, and I have always told them I don’t know. I have always told them she will if she has to, and when she has to. Now she is, much to my relief, excitement, and happiness. One big, big milestone has been crossed off the list of seemingly never-ending ones.

I should probably go and record a video of her walking all around the house.Β  Now, that would make for such a fun memory to look back on in future, no? Also, now is the time to go buy all those gorgeous little skirts and squeaky booties we held off on buying. πŸ™‚


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