16 Things About Bubboo I Don’t Want To Forget…

….. when she is just a few days short of entering the 16th month of her life. 🙂

  1. The way she crawls around the house on all fours, saying Toka Toka Toka Toka in a loop. God alone knows what that means.
  2. The way she starts blinking her eyes continuously when one of us asks her to do ‘Kanna chimitti? (Blink your eyes? in Tamil)’. It is heart-meltingly cute, I tell you.
  3. The way she calls me Amma, Amma, Amma, Amma, just like that, four times in a row, when she desperately needs me to pick her up.
  4. The way she lifts up her little arms for a pick-me-up.
  5. The way she says ‘Amma‘ (‘Mother’ in Tamil) when someone asks her who I am, for about two or three times. The third or fourth time someone asks her who I am, she gets bored of the right answer and says ‘Paapa‘ (‘baby’ in Tamil). A naughty one this little girl of mine is!
  6. The way she wraps her little hands around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder, when I lift her and try to introduce her to someone new. She is suddenly shy then, and tongue-tied, which she usually isn’t with family.
  7. The way she hides in some corner of the house, slowly peeking out and giggling with glee when we spot her, playing her own version of hide-and-seek.
  8. The way she calls the dresses of all and sundry as ‘Decchu‘. Uber adorable that is.
  9. The way she snuggles up to me in the night, looking for me in her sleep, chasing after me all night long to lie down in the crook of my neck or under my knees. It stiffens my neck and back to sleep in such cramped quarters night after night, but I can’t think of the day when she will not want to snuggle up. 😦
  10. The way she bites my nose when she gets all excited and playful. I don’t know why she does that, but she does it and I find it super cute.
  11. The way she doesn’t leave us alone to drink our morning cups of tea. She isn’t at peace till we give her a couple of sips of it, at least!
  12. The way she puts her hands to her head, to show us how my dad and her grandpa makes her sleep in the afternoons.
  13. The way she fake coughs with a huge grin on her face, to make fun of us when we cough.
  14. The way she offers me a big, sloppy, wet peck when I offer her my cheek.
  15. The way she lifts one finger up in the air and twirls it round and round, whenever a fan is on, imitating the way it rotates.
  16. The way she seems to be deeply engrossed in studying some random object from around the house, till she suddenly gets up and brings it to me to show. Sometimes, I just put my feet up and rest or read when she is in this engrossed state, and then she starts bringing me a series of things, like building blocks, spoons, keys, and what not. It makes me feel so loved and.. included.

I know I sound like a besotted mother to whom everything about her kid is adorable and cute. I probably am such a mother, but I can’t help being one. This little human being has made a huge place in our hearts, so much so that we can’t see how we lived without her all these years. So, go on, read the post and indulge me, will you?

I don’t want to forget these little, cutesy things that Bubboo does now, ever, and hence the post.



10 thoughts on “16 Things About Bubboo I Don’t Want To Forget…

    1. @Paatiamma

      Already she doesn’t want to be hugged re.. she cuddles up only in her sleep. 😦 Otherwise, when she’s awake, she just wants to wriggle out of my grasp and run away and explore something or the other. Gone are the days when she would just lie quietly in my arms for a long, long, long time. I so used to love that – therapy that was. 🙂


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