More Baap-Beti Times

Remember these baap-beti conversations of a while ago, and this? Well, the conversations still continue.

Here are some samples.

Bubboo, why do you have to wriggle so when I put on your diaper? When you grow up and have a baby of your own, you will realise how difficult it is. Then, you will come and tell me, ‘Yes, Appa, it is so difficult to put a diaper on a wriggling baby.’


You know, when the doctor put you in my arms for the first time, you were so tiny. Appa asked her, ‘Cute baby?’, she said, ‘Yes!’. Appa asked her, ‘Naughty?’, and she said, ‘Not one bit!’. I met the doctor a few days ago, and she asked me, ‘Same cute baby?’, and I said, ‘Yes!’. The doctor asked me ‘Naughty?’, and I told her ‘500 times over, doctor!’


You are brilliant, babe. There’s no need for you to go to school.


Say ‘Decchu’ in that cute way of yours? (‘Decchu’ is what Bubboo calls her ‘dress’, BTW.)


Grow up a little more, and Amma will make yummy home-made pizzas for you, OK?


Don’t go out and find a boyfriend for yourself, OK? I’ll find a good guy for you!

These dialogues still melt my heart to a little puddle of mush every time I overhear them.


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