Some Bubboo Moments

Just because.

Appa tries to teach her the basic shapes, but Madame Bubboo is more interested in playing peek-a-boo with the shape sorter!


I picked up a huge soft toy from a mall when I was in college or so, on a whim, because I had the money to buy it then, and hadn’t ever had a chance to play with such a big toy in childhood. It could sit in a corner of the house till I had a child who could play with it, I figured. Bubboo has recently started playing with the toy. She doesn’t carry it with her everywhere – actually, the toy is heavier and bigger than she is! She calls it ‘Paapa’ and pets it to death, for about a minute. πŸ˜€


Appa goes on building tower after tower of building bricks, but they hold no charm for Bubboo. Rather, Madame is fascinated by the container that holds the building blocks.


When I can’t hear Bubboo for a few minutes at a stretch, I can be sure she has gone and done some mischief. (Who on earth said girl babies are quiet and stay put at one place? Bubboo is living evidence that they don’t!) This (the picture below) is something of a regular occurrence at our place lately. Bubboo will pull things out of the cupboards and drawers that she can reach, mess around till her little heart is content, and then run away from the scene of crime silently, leaving it to us to find out when we can.


While the things in the house that are in her reach are not spared, Bubboo strives to get her hands even on those things that aren’t within reaching distance. Here is how. How on earth are we supposed to baby-proof our home, at this rate?


That’s that for now, folks. Be good and take care. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Some Bubboo Moments

    1. @Sjscribbles

      Yes, I am stunned when I see pics of her as a newborn. She’s a little girl now, and no longer an infant! πŸ™‚

      Yes, they are little pleasures to cherish, indeed. We do treasure them. πŸ™‚


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