My First Book Of 2016

First things first, here’s wishing all of you a very happy 2016! I hope the year goes on to be all that you had dreamed of, and more. I hope the end of 2015 was good for you, and that you started the new year doing something that made you happy.

Today, I am here to talk about the book I selected as my first read for 2016, as I did last year, too. I am not very particular about a lot of things, but I am about some things. I am particular about the book that I am reading as a brand new year begins. I then try not to predict whether the year’s overall reading experience would be good, bad, or average based on whether I had a good, bad, or average reading experience with the first book. Also, it feels good when you find a good book to read right at the start of the year, right? I do think about things like that, yes.

Well, so, I was saying that I choose the first book of any year with a lot of care, hoping that it will be a good choice. This year, I chose Nicky Pellegrino’s The Villa Girls to start with.


It is a strange choice, one I am unable to explain. I haven’t been particularly impressed with Nicky Pellegrino’s books in the past, and have found them sort of dull and sad, if not dumb altogether. I picked up The Villa Girls a couple of days before 2016 started, because the premise sounded interesting and I wanted something light yet thoughtful to read, and this book sounded like it would provide that. I figured I could always choose another book if I didn’t read the first couple of chapters, but I didn’t need to do that. I am now about half-way through the book, and am finding it quite engaging and thoughtful.

I am hoping the good luck with the book continues till it ends, and that this book ends up changing my perception about Nicky Pellegrino’s books. Fingers crossed!

Which book did you choose to read first this year? Tell me all about it, will you?



8 thoughts on “My First Book Of 2016

  1. I hope you will enjoy your first book of 2016 in its entirety. I have just posted mine, and linked to Book Journey’s wonderful First Book of the Year meme. Wishing you and your readers a happy and healthy New Year! πŸ™‚


  2. Mine was Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genoa, and I loved. Such a sensitive book based on a disease which is so horrific. She does a wonderful job with the subject.

    Hope you have a wonderful year bookwise and otherwise.


  3. Yiu started early.. Some of us have not even woken up yet.. Too early in the year to think about books.. He ehe he he

    Happy new year TGND and family and the little one…


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