The Memory Of A Father’s Lullaby

Abbu na dabbu na

Gabbu na bubboo na

Juna nani na

Juna nani na

If you are wondering what on earth that is, let me tell you that it was the lullaby that the OH composed for Bubboo, while I was pregnant with her. Yes, you read that right! πŸ™‚

Someone told us that pregnant women should keep listening to a particular song, and that the baby inside the tummy would hear it frequently and learn to get comforted by it. Apparently, after the baby is born, whenever he/she is cranky, he/she would immediately be soothed when the same song is played. I didn’t listen to much of music while I was pregnant (somehow it never happened frequently!). The OH decided to make up his own song for Bubboo-inside-my-tummy and would sing it softly to her every once in a while. I would tell him to remember the exact crazy lyrics that he was making up, because he would have to sing the very same thing after the baby’s birth, whenever he/she would get irritable. So, we kept practising at it, and both of us still remember the lyrics. πŸ˜€

Does Bubboo remember any of this? I’m not sure. When she was a very tiny baby and would cry with colic or teething pains, the OH would croon his home-made lyrics to her, and she would give him a royally ‘Blah!’ look. We stopped trying after a bit.

This reminds me – I should ask the OH to sing the ‘lullaby’ again to Bubboo now, in his signature tune, and see how Madame reacts. Won’t that be fun, now?


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