Foodie Discovery: DYU Art Cafe

We would have missed the DYU Art Cafe in Koramangala entirely if we hadn’t driven into the little lane that houses it, to park our car, while running an errand. I am glad I managed to spot the cafe, which looked so very charming from outside. From somewhere deep within the recesses of my mind, I recalled hearing the name of the cafe some time, somewhere. We decided to spend some time at the cafe on a whim and indulge in some dessert, a decision that turned out to be great, in retrospect. DYU Art Cafe is beautiful, and the OH and I managed to spend some relaxed time there, and had fun enjoying the desserts we chose.

Doesn’t the entrance look inviting?

The cafe, which started operations in 2013, is housed in a quaint bungalow, which is beautiful from the inside and out. The interior is just as charming and welcoming and warm as the outside is.

There is a room filled with art work as soon as you step into the cafe, and a small reception desk. Cross that and you will find yourself in the partly open-air dining area that somehow manages to be a serene, bright, and green oasis in spite of the whirling, bustling Koramangala area that surrounds the cafe.

The art-filled room inside the cafe
The dining space

DYU is short for ‘Dviti’, a Sanskrit word that means ‘brightness’, and I think the cafe does live up to its name. It is, indeed, a bright spot, a place where you can spend time reflecting on anything and everything, just reading or listening to music, writing, or unwinding with friends. The cafe has often been touted as a must-visit one in Bangalore, in Internet articles, and now we know exactly why!

At first glance, the dining space in the cafe is reminiscent of Kashi Art Cafe in Fort Kochi and Desserted in Vasanthnagar, Bangalore, but there are little touches that make this one different. I especially loved the upcycled tables made from old-fashioned sewing machines that are set up in a corner of the dining space – don’t forget to take a good look at them whenever you visit this cafe!

The cafe serves short eats like sandwiches and toast, a variety of teas and coffee, and several desserts. Prices are mid-range. Since we already had our tummies full, we opted for only dessert at the cafe. The OH chose a Tender Coconut Pudding, while I selected the Key Lime Pie. Both the desserts were extremely fresh and highly delicious!

The key lime pie
The tender coconut pudding

As I said earlier, the OH and I greatly enjoyed the time we spent at DYU, and exited refreshed and sated. The next time we are in Koramangala, we would love to visit the cafe just to sit around and chat, or meet up with friends, and, of course, hog on the food that the cafe promises to make with the freshest of ingredients.

Sounds interesting? Have you been to this place? What were your thoughts about it?

You can find DYU on Facebook here.


11 thoughts on “Foodie Discovery: DYU Art Cafe

    1. @Shiviphonenix

      I am glad you found the post useful! There are many such cafes in Bangalore, but I am afraid I won’t be of much help here, considering I am not much of a cafe-goer. You might want to check out Desserted in Vasanthnagar – I have linked to a post I wrote earlier about the place.

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