The Best Books I Read In 2015

This week’s prompt over at Top Ten Tuesday is ‘Top 10 best books I read in 2015’. I love the prompt because it gives me a chance to reflect on the kind of reading I have done in the year that has almost gone by entirely.

Well, in 2015, I haven’t done much reading. The total number of books I have read this year, so far, is much less than what I would usually do in a year. But then, I am not complaining. I have had a lot of other things to do, like bringing up a child, house shifting, travelling, and trying to build up a social life. 🙂 Also, most authors I read this year have been new to me, there haven’t been many repeat authors. All the books I have read this year were chosen because they appealed to me, after a lot of thought. I had limited time to read, so better carefully choose what to read, eh? Consequently, there was much less mindless reading this year, and more of deliberate reading. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have any disappointments, though – I had quite a few!

Without further ado, let me get to the books that I was happy to read in 2015. I liked these books quite a lot, and would love to continue their thread in the coming year as well. Here goes.

  1. Taste: A Love Story

I so enjoyed reading this book! Though it was a typical chick-lit formula book, there were a lot of things that elevated it to a very interesting read for me. I loved the warm romance in the book, especially, not to forget the parts about the food and conscientious farming.

2. The Art Of Baking Blind

This is Sarah Vaughan’s debut book, and what a debut it was! This book had so much going for it – promising writing, realistic characteristics, food, and the backdrop of a cooking competition!  This can be called a chick-lit, too, yes, but there were a lot of factors that made this book more than a mere, dumb chick-lit, for me.

3. The House At Tyneford

This one was historical fiction, and a very likeable one at that. The characters and the setting were charming, and were based on the author’s real-life memories. This was the first Natasha Solomons book that I read, and it is certainly not going to be the last.

4. Following Fish

I read very few Indian authors and when I do, most of the times, the books fall extremely short on my expectations. This book by an Indian author was different, though. It is a beautifully written travelogue with a very different angle to it – fish, across the various states of India. I loved the way the author has ‘followed fish’ throughout the country! This was the first time I read Samanth Subramanian, and am I glad I did?!

5. Eating India: An Odyssey Into The Food And Culture Of The Land Of Spices

This is another Indian author I read for the first time this year. In fact, this is the book that I started out reading first in 2015. This is a sort of travelogue as well, outlining the author’s experiences as she went about tasting indigenous foods across the states of India. This is a beautifully written book that I absolutely enjoyed.

6. The Cherry Cola Book Club

This one is about a small town in the US of A, a state-funded library that is dying, and a spunky librarian who is willing to do all she can to save it. It is also about the eccentric characters who happen to live in the small town. All in all, it made for a very entertaining read!

7.The Dirty Life

This was the first farm memoir I read, and this is the book that got me hooked to the ‘farm memoir’ genre. Written by Kristin Kimball, a journalist who visits a farm for a newspaper story who ended up falling in love with the farmer and the farming life, this one captured my heart. This is a very well-written book that exposed me to what farm life really is all about.

8. Important Artifacts And Personal Property From The Collection Of Lenore Doolan And Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, And Jewelry

Considering how much I love books that are unique, it was no wonder I fell for this book. The storyline isn’t much, but the presentation of the story makes all the difference. The story is narrated in the form of an auction catalogue – can you beat that?!

9. A Berlin Kitchen

I so loved this food memoir! It is so sensitively written, and strongly brings forth the power of food in one’s life, the way food creates associations and memories.

10. The Hour Of The Goddess

Another book by Chitrita Banerji (author of Eating India) makes it to this list! This one is a foodie memoir, about the author’s growing-up years in Kolkata and the kinds of foods that she grew up eating. It is more personal than Eating India, very well written, and a pleasure to read.

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts about them?

What were your best books in 2015? Tell me all about them!


9 thoughts on “The Best Books I Read In 2015

  1. I am definitely going to read The Cherry Cola Club. It sounds very interesting! On similar lines, I read a book this year called – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It is a piece of historical fiction about a secret book club during world war 2. It’s a wonderful read. I totally recommend it.


    1. @S

      Oh, Guernsey is a big favourite! Read it a few years ago, and loved it. 🙂 BTW, if you liked Guernsey, you should totally check out 84 Charing Cross Road, if you haven’t read it already.

      Hope you like The Cherry Cola Book Club, too!


  2. I was completely oblivious to this whole genre of books on food and cooking and eating and all these books that you have mentioned. Wow! I think I should try one of these. Which one would you recommend for a first in this genre?


    1. @S

      If you aren’t one to be put off by romantic stories, Try Taste: A Love Story, a foodie romance or Anthony Capella’s The Food Of Love. If you want travel + food, try out A Hundred Days In Venice or Under The Tuscan Sun. If it is farm memoirs you are after, you could try out A Dirty Life. If you want a foodie memoir, try out My Berlin Kitchen or Monsoon Diary by Shoba Narayan. Hope this helps!


  3. I love your idea of deliberate reading. Something I should also try, there were way too many bookish duds for me this year. Comes of accepting too many review copies.


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