In the half an odd hour or so that the OH and I get, every few weeks, when neither of us is taking care of Bubboo, busy with work, has errands to run, or has tonnes of household chores to take care of, our conversations go something like this.

Me: Did you read that e-mail I sent you some days back?

OH: No, which one? The one with that recipe?

Me: No, that was just 15 days back. This e-mail that I am referring to? I sent it some 25 days back! You still haven’t read it! Gah!

OH: Yes, man! Haven’t had the time! But why are we whispering?

Me: Oh, yes, why are we whispering?

OH: Bubboo isn’t sleeping, and she isn’t even around. We can talk louder, you know?

Me: Hmmm

We speak louder, then, for about 2 minutes, and then revert to whispering. There are some 15 pending issues recognised – pending e-mails to answer, appointments to be made, things to be bought, something we had to talk to about with Amma, and so on and so forth. Then, we remember we had decided to just talk – just let go and talk about anything under the sun, without worrying about our seemingly never-ending list of chores.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Bubboo is back home from her play time at my Amma’s house. No more talking of any sort happens then between the OH and me.

And the days go on.



8 thoughts on “Us

  1. I have been there! Having a child definitely changes the relationship dynamic. You have to hold tight to your knowledge that you are a good team and that’s why you are great parents. It does get better!


      1. Thats until she grows up TGND ! just until then …and then you actually get back your free time – just as and when the kid grows to be independent !
        M is 7 and we actually don’t know what to do with so much time we have in our hands !
        She is one already, 3 more years is what its all going to take …to reclaim all your time with OH πŸ™‚


      2. @SJScribbles

        I know! I so know she’s going to grow up so fast we’ll be left wondering later, wishing for some time with her. 😦 I sound ungrateful, don’t I? I am so not ungrateful. I am extremely grateful for Bubboo – she is one of the best things that happened to us! Sometimes, lack of private time does this to you. 😦

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