Of Kannada Rajyotsava And The Kannada Flag

Come November, and it is Kannada Rajyotsava time in Karnataka. November 1 every year is celebrated as Karnataka Formation Day,  Kannada Rajyotsava locally. This was the day when the Kannada-speaking regions of South India merged to form the state called Karnataka, in the year 1956.

If you stay in Bangalore or have visited the city in November, you must know how fervently the day is celebrated here, with loudspeakers, patriotic songs, dances,  and all that paraphernalia. There are many places in Bangalore that continue celebrating the day well into November, and even in December.

This time of the year, it is common to see the unofficial Kannada flag everywhere you go in Bangalore, auto rickshaws included.  Watching the red-and-yellow flag fluttering in the chilly breeze as an auto rickshaw whizzes by you is, for me, part and parcel of living in Bangalore and of the experience of travelling on the city’s roads.

The Kannada flag on an auto rickshaw in Bangalore

Over the years,  I have learnt to watch out for these flags. It sort of grounds me – I don’t know how to explain the feeling better. It makes me feel that I am in touch with all the millions of little things that living in Bangalore constitutes. It makes the city feel a little bit more like home.

Disclaimer: This is part of my chronicles of life in Bangalore, as I know it. This is about the feelings that such little things invoke in me. This is, in no way, a statement of my support or non-support for the Kannada activists.



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