Dark Chocolate Sandwich: Mission Accomplished

You guys know of my penchant to try out crazy, different food stuff, right? Well, here I go again. 🙂

We were shopping at the Star Bazaar in Koramangala recently when we came upon a stall called Hungry World, selling a variety of sandwiches. They also had chocolate sandwiches on offer, including those made with white and dark chocolate, among other varieties. How could I resist? I went ahead and bought their Dark Chocolate Sandwich, which the guy at the counter recommended. I wasn’t disappointed.

Dark Chocolate Sandwich at Hungry World
Dark Chocolate Sandwich at Hungry World

The sandwich tasted sweet, but not cloyingly so. The slightly salted bread and the dark chocolate made for an interesting combination of tastes. I had heard of chocolate sandwiches in Bangalore long, long, long ago, but had never had a chance to try them out. I am glad I could do that, now!

Would I have this sandwich again? Yes, I would. Maybe not as a main course while I am super hungry (when I am hungry, I need to have something savoury!), but definitely as a dessert. 🙂

Have you had a chocolate sandwich? Did you like it? Which places in Bangalore would you recommend for the same?


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4 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Sandwich: Mission Accomplished

  1. This looks rather interesting and tasty! Chocolate paninis, anyone?

    I make my own “chocolate sandwiches” by spreading peanut butter between squares of dark chocolate. Incredibly delicious!


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