Hello, there! Hope you all had a very happy Diwali! We sure did. 🙂

Diwali and rangolis go hand in hand, right? Well, I do know of people making beautiful, beautiful rangolis that are so life-like that it is difficult to believe they are rangolis. I have never had a chance to see these beauties in person, though. Till yesterday.

Yesterday, I was spell-bound to watch a neighbour preparing a Durga Maa rangoli at their doorstep, for Diwali. It was so beautifully – and effortlessly – done that I couldn’t stop myself from exclaiming over its prettiness several times over. If I hadn’t seen the rangoli in the process of preparation, I wouldn’t have believed that it was a rangoli or that it was made without a stencil. It looked like a painting or a wall-hanging, rather. But a rangoli it was, indeed, and one made without a stencil.

Take a look for yourself!

Diwali rangoli by one of our neighbours

Over and over again, I am awed at the uncommon talent that the seemingly common people around me possess. This is one of such instances. Once again, I am awed at the rich culture that exists in every nook and corner of my country – I reiterate, I prefer to look at things like this and feel happy, rather than feel cynical about the many sad and bad things that exist in my country, too.

I am much humbled.


16 thoughts on “Speechless!

  1. This is so awesome. We had a rangoli competition at office, and I was also mindblown at how quickly some girls were able to create the most beautiful rangoli so effortlessly.


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