Food Truck Experience: Le Casse Croute

Quite by chance, the OH and I had an opportunity to eat at one of the latest entries in the food truck market in Bangalore – Le Casse Croute. We saw this classy-looking blue-and-red Matador parked at HSR Layout the other day, with people gathering around it slowly. Curious, we decided to take a look, and saw two Frenchmen serving up some delicious-looking things to the crowd milling about. We couldn’t resist ordering a little something for ourselves, too, and weren’t disappointed at all!

The swanky Matador
The swanky Matador

As I said earlier, the Matador was the first thing that caught our eye. It looked beautiful and elegant, and something about it told us we would get good food if we decided to eat there. Check out this beauty of a vehicle for yourself.

Preparing and serving some delicious food
Preparing and serving some delicious food

Apparently, Le Casse Croute is the first French food truck in Bangalore, and started operations only this September. Run by three Frenchmen, it serves home-made French food. On offer are French croques with a variety of stuffings, frites or French fries, a cold Gaspacho soup, a watermelon-based cool drink, and a dessert of Creme de la Creme. What is worth noting here is that most of the stuff that goes into the making of these dishes – the bread, the pesto, the mayo, the tomato sauce, included – is home-made. Every ingredient is fresh and made with love, and it shows in the taste.

The croques come with stuffings like bacon, chicken and prawns, and the non-vegetarians seemed to be delighted with them. We ordered Madame Garcia, the only vegetarian option available in croques, which comes with a stuffing of green pesto, buffallo milk mozarella, and vegetable salad. The buffalo milk mozarella was quite the beauty, and created a furore when the Frenchmen took it out of its container to use in the croques. The pesto was gorgeous, with the herbs creating an explosion of taste in our mouths. The mozarella was unlike anything I have ever had before – super fresh and soft. The home-made tomato sauce that was served with the croque was beautifully tangy and went superbly well with the dish. The bread, too, was very, very fresh and tasted delightful.

Our Madame Garcia croque
Our Madame Garcia croque with home-made tomato sauce

The croques are priced in the Rs. 100-160 price range, which I think is great considering the quality of ingredients used.

My only grouse with Le Casse Croute is that they don’t have much on the menu for vegetarians to choose from.:(

The next time I come across them, I am not going to leave the soup, juice and frites untasted. πŸ™‚ If you find them somewhere, do yourself a favour and grab a bite – or two! – from them. You will not regret it, I am sure.

You can follow Le Casse Croute here.


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11 thoughts on “Food Truck Experience: Le Casse Croute

  1. Thanks for having tried our food-truck and for your appreciation and this great post! We’re actually testing a new veg option with some home-made cheese, try it next time!
    Also, if you want to know our planning, as you said, it’s good to check out our Facebook page before: and you can know a bit in advance by checking our weekly planning on our website here:

    See you soon and “Bon appΓ©tit” !


  2. I so want to find this food truck now. Last week when we were in HSR, we searched for food trucks but found none. Bad luck I guess. Will look out for this one, thanks for sharing TGND.

    I saw a food truck in our area too – not very special looking but I should taste their food some time just for the experience.


    1. @Greenboochi

      You could follow the FB pages of a few food trucks that you are keen on eating at. They post the locations they will be at on different days, on their FB pages, usually. That way you can plan a visit to the location you want to. πŸ™‚

      You must eat at Le Casse Croute – the home-made, fresh French food is gorgeous!


  3. I have had from 3 different food trucks in HSR, but missed this one..I will definitely check this one out next out. I have tried the SWAT truck, bangalore express and one more…Do give them a try too…But as you said, vegetarian options are minimal.


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