Bubboo’s Playthings

Quite a few lovely toys have made their way to Bubboo lately, from near and dear ones.

Approximate time that Bubboo spent playing with each of these toys – 1 minute with, sometimes, not even an interested look at the poor, unsuspecting thing.

Approximate time that Bubboo spent playing with the carton, string, ribbon, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and other paraphernalia that these toys came with – 1 hour, with no heed being paid to me calling out her name several times over.

That’s how Bubboo rolls.

I spend time reading up and finding interesting, different toys for Bubboo that will help boost her creativity and intelligence, and not merely be dumb battery-operated, run-of-the-mill playthings to her. She happily pours cold water over all of my thoughtful ideas and research.

Vegetable peels, random sticks and bits of string, bindis of random women, plastic covers, odd pieces of cloth, small and big cartons, pieces of thermocol and bubble wrap – these are some of the things that entice her to no end. I was seriously considering putting in a line in her birthday celebration invites, asking guests not to gift her any toys, but to bring her the random odds and ends from their homes. 🙂

I am complaining, but I am not really complaining. She’s curious about the world around her, and she shows it in her own way. Real playthings are for later, maybe. For now, every little thing in the world is a plaything.


10 thoughts on “Bubboo’s Playthings

  1. Almost all the kids I have seen, play with random things around the house. Recently, my 3 year old niece was at our home and she wanted dolls. As I didnt have any, I offered her a few pathrams from my kitchen and she was so happy. Kids are curious and they explore everything that interests them on their own 🙂 Once little grown up, they want to fit into the adult life and do everything that we adults do around the house 🙂

    Another observation I have made – almost all kids are fond of slippers 😀 They try them on, even if these chappals are of mamooth size compared to their tiny feet 🙂


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