Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey – 2: Barefoot Slippers

And I am back with the second installment of the ‘Little Discoveries...’ series. 🙂


I am sure many of you have heard of ‘barefoot slippers’ for babies. I didn’t know about them till recently. When I found them, I thought they were too cute not to make Bubboo wear them (I even had scary thoughts of having a second baby only because I could put these sandals on her – if at all it is a ‘her’! – at the newborn stage. Phew! Luckily, all such thoughts were averted in good time.) So, anyways, that is how cute these barefoot sandals are.

Bubboo wearing her barefoot sandals when they were very new, before she started destroying them, little by little 😀

These are sandals, but not really sandals. The primary purpose of these sandals is not to be walked in by the child, and they are just meant to adorn your baby’s feet for photo shoots and the like. They are best used between 0 and 3 months of age, when your baby is sleeping away to glory for most of the day, statue-like, and you want to click some lovely shots of her. I bought these when Bubboo was almost a year old, too old to let them be. She wants to grab at the flower on the sandal, which is in grave danger of coming apart at any time now. On the rare occasions that Bubboo decides to peacefully wear the sandals, she crawls and drags them through this and that, making me wish I had discovered them sooner so that I could have, at least, been able to admire them happily. Gah!

If you are a new parent, be warned that such a cute thing exists!


If you have similar baby-related little discoveries to share, do tell me all about them in your comments! I’d love to hear about them.


12 thoughts on “Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey – 2: Barefoot Slippers

      1. @Sruti

        Most cute things might be for girls, yes, but it would be wrong to say there’s nothing cute available for boys. I dress up Bubboo in cute boys’ T-shirts and button-up dungarees because they are not available for girls! And then what about cute suit-style dresses that I have seen little guys wearing? 🙂


    1. @Bikramjit

      Well, we are still not out of the ordeals of parenting our first one yet! We are in no position to think of a second one…at least, not immediately. 😀

      Thank you! She sure loved pulling on them. 😛


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