Conversations between the OH and me on the way home from the Bangalore Book Festival, today.

“When will Bubboo start understanding the books I read to her, ya?”

“Did you see, there’s a Mercedes in front of our car?!”

“I want her to ask questions based on what I read to her.. you know, things like… How did that happen? Was she a good person?”

“What is the model number of that car? Can you read that?”

“I don’t know much about children’s literature, but I am a part of some groups. I had a few author and book names in mind, you know?”

“Super car, na?”

“I have picked up books whose storylines were beautiful and different from the usual. I hope Bubboo will like them, ya.”

“I need to find out what that model is!”

That’s us. Different people, different dreams, different worlds, but with our car heading in the same direction, at least most of the times. πŸ™‚

No prizes for guessing which of these dialogues are mine, and which ones are the OH’s. πŸ˜€


14 thoughts on “Us

  1. right questions for kids TGND ! Some of the kids books I’ve read to M, mentions some of the questions about the story on the back cover – just like the questions you have in mind, which will set the kids thinking….buboo is not far away from that stage πŸ™‚


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