The First Flight

Bubboo went on her first aeroplane trip earlier this year, on a holiday to Goa, when she was all of seven months old.

‘She is very lucky. She is not even one, and she is flying in planes already,’ said my grandmother and Bubboo’s great-grandmother. ‘We never took a flight till we were married!,’ she added. Whether Bubboo is lucky or not to have travel-crazy parents remains under dispute in our family, but the fact is that she has already flown.

The day before the flight, we were beside ourselves with worry, wondering how exactly the baby would feel and behave during the commute, what to pack in her cabin baggage and what not. We needn’t have worried at all. It was a very short flight from Bangalore to Goa, and Bubboo behaved beautifully throughout. A little breastfeeding and a little talking to was all she needed. For the rest of the time, the in-flight magazine kept her thoroughly entertained.

Bubboo enchanted by the in-flight magazine
Bubboo enchanted by the in-flight magazine

She kept running her little fingers over the colourful magazine cover, stroking the figure of the lady on the cover over and over again.

She was such an exemplary little traveller that a co-passenger walked up to her, congratulated and thanked her for being so quiet and well-behaved throughout the flight. (For those of you who are feeling green with envy, wait till I tell you the story of Bubboo’s first train journey! I’m so sure you will not feel very envious of me then!)

I choose to take this as a sign that Madame is ready to embark on voyages, big and small, with her parents. πŸ™‚


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