Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey – 1: Wooden Rattle With Sleigh Bells

Inspired by OHW, I have decided to share with you all the little discoveries we have made in the last one year, while being parents to Bubboo. This will be a varied collection – from our favourite toys and dresses, to the way we find is best to take Bubboo out of the house. I want to make it very clear right from the start that I do not want to advertise any particular baby-related product or service. I just want to share with you the little things that worked for us and Bubboo, and made our parenting journey a wee bit easier and more beautiful. I hope these posts will be of use to you, in one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or not, I hope you will like this series.

Let us get started with the first installment of this series, shall we? 🙂


Today, I will tell you about this wooden rattle with sleigh bells that I had always wanted to buy for Bubboo.

My paediatrician keeps a variety of toys in his office, to keep the visiting kids entertained and to help him test their fine motor and other skills. I fell in love with a colourful wooden rattle with sleigh bells that I noticed in his office, the very first time he examined Bubboo, when she was about 20 days old. Bubboo is not really attracted to any of the toys in the office, the way some other kids are, but I sure am, to this rattle. Post the first visit, whenever we visited the paed, I would locate this rattle from the mound of toys there, and play with it till the doctor would come in to examine Bubboo. I searched for a similar rattle high and low, online and offline, but never got my hands on it till recently. The online ones were way too expensive, and the OH and I are not really fans of buying super-expensive stuff for Bubboo. In stores, I came across the ubiquitous plastic rattles, but wooden ones were hard to come by. I found wooden rattles in Channapatna toy stores, but they made a harsh, ear-splitting sound, unlike the soft melody of these sleigh bells.

In a small fair of sorts in Koramangala last month, after searching for almost a year, I found what I wanted. For all of Rs. 75. And I was not even looking at that time. What is it they say about the time being right for things to come into your life?

Bubboo is probably too old to play with rattles (or is she?), but I am glad this beauty became a part of her toy bag before she turned one.

Breakfast time has become much more melodious in our household, lately.

None of the people I talked to about this rattle knew that something like this existed, but everyone agreed that it did sound wonderful and different. That is why I am talking about it here. Now, you know about it.


I would love to hear of similar little discoveries you have made while parenting your little bundle of joy, or any baby-related little thing you might have come across anywhere. Tell me!


8 thoughts on “Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey – 1: Wooden Rattle With Sleigh Bells

  1. I remember my nana ji.. bought me a wooden tractor.. Once which had bells on it..

    In punjab there is a place which is very known for these wooden toys . They put stalls on the road and you can see many people standing buying things for their kids .



    1. @Bikramjit

      Yes, I remember we saw many such small shops selling wooden items in Tamil Nadu too. In Bangalore, though, such things are getting hard to find. Everything is getting mall-ised and super-duper expensive. 😦


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