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~ A lot has changed over the last two months. We have shifted to a new house, nearer to the OH’s work place. He used to commute crazy distances to and from work earlier, and it was taking a toll on his health, as well as on ‘us’. This house makes things a wee bit easier. My parents stay near us, and help us out whenever they can.

We had been thinking of making this move for the last year or so, but everything worked out only now. I won’t say we have the perfect arrangement pinned down but, yes, this is easier on our strained nerves and bodies that are getting older. There, I said it!

~ We are still getting to know our new neighbours, and we still feel like outsiders in an apartment where everyone has been together for over a year. That said, there are more people here our age, many of whom have little ones Bubboo’s age. In the previous apartment that we lived in, there were no young ones – all residents were retired folk. We would sorely miss chatting casually to someone our age, which we are getting to do now. Our new flat-mates are a friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful bunch, from what we have observed so far.

~ Our apartment association had organised festivities for three days, for Ganesh Chaturthi this year. Funds were collected, a big Ganesha idol was brought in, worshipped religiously for three days, and duly immersed in a pond. They were a festive three days, indeed, and offered us a great chance to bond with our neighbours. Day 1 saw a Ganesha Havan being performed, for which I volunteered to prepare kotthu kadalai sundal as prasadam. I was quite nervous about preparing it, as I had never really cooked for people outside of my family before. Moreover, I could not taste it before it was offered up to Ganesha, as it was prasadam, and I had to eyeball the salt and spices that I added to it – something which freaks me out, honestly. In spite of all of that, the sundal did turn out to be yummy, thankfully! It was much loved.

~ There are people from all over India staying in our apartment, and everyone cooked something or the other during the three days of festivities. So, much gorging on festive food happened, and cultural (and foodie!) diversity was much celebrated.

~ I feel lost lately. Lost and uprooted. New house, always being pressed for time, no friends, no real social life, new locality, no work, and no signs of losing all that pregnancy weight – all of this has been contributing to making me feel stressed out and cranky and what not.

~ I have been trying to lose weight for the last couple of months, but haven’t really been able to focus on it. I need to SERIOUSLY buckle up. My out-of-home eating badly needs to be regulated, home cooking needs to get a lot more healthy, and walking needs to get a lot more focused and regular. Sigh! It is hard to believe I am the very same person who lost over 10 kg of weight before Bubboo!

~ On the work front, I have been trying out some things, which is keeping me busy and stressing me out, but is satisfying too. Nothing has really worked out yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope things take off in this area soon! Wish me luck, will you? But then, a work life and healthy living just don’t seem to go together for me. That is one reason I quit work before Bubboo was born. I hope I find a balance now.

~ I feel old, too. The attempts at getting back to work that I told you about? They have been making me realise that I am no longer a young woman who can give her all to work, who can commute to office any which way, who doesn’t have to really worry about who will cook her dinner, who doesn’t think twice before logging in to work from home, who doesn’t have to leave home with worries about her baby, separation anxiety, and guilt at having fobbed her baby on her ageing parents in her mind. Sigh! Then, there is my body telling me it cannot take work stress, work B.S., long commutes, sleeplessness, and junk food like it used to earlier. 😦 Steadily working mothers, I salute you!

~ Bubboo is getting naughtier than ever before. She needs to be kept an eye on every second. I lose count of the number of times she tries to stand without support in a day, falls, hurts herself, cries her heart out, and needs to be comforted immediately. It is overwhelming, not to mention tiring. I dread what will happen once she starts walking! I have forgotten how to eat a relaxed meal or sink into a book. My concentration is shot to pieces. Gah!

~ Remember I told you about some things that affected me deeply this Independence Day? Post that, the OH and I have been striving to banish as much processed food and chemicals from our life as possible. We have been experimenting with a lot of organic stuff, some of which is working out for us and some plainly isn’t. More about that some time later.

~ Bubboo is turning one this month!! I must have been crazy to have committed to making the decorations for her birthday party – and some invitations – at home, all by myself. I wanted to do my bit for my baby, and it is now driving me nuts. Absolutely nothing has been done yet. There are a lot of plans to be made, a lot of errands to be run, and a lot many tasks to be finished.

Tell me all will be well in the end, will ya? And I could do with some virtual hugs, too! 🙂

28 thoughts on “In Other News

  1. I work as a senior developer in a product company and leave my two young kids at home. And I totally agree with the fact that work place stress and travel stress are two things that I would like to avoid.
    I would love to do a change in direction as far as career is concerned. Take up something new that will interest me without stressing me so much. I will do it, just thinking through the whole thing 🙂


    1. @Elizabeth

      Hope you soon get around to doing something of your interest! 🙂

      Work stress is, I think, an inevitable part of working. Sometimes, it peaks, sometimes it is negligible. It is the work politics, throwing around of attitudes that I resent. Travel stress I hate, too. I don’t understand why I need to be present at office every single day, and can’t make more productive use of the time I spend commuting!

      When I was unmarried, then newly married and without kids, I was totally putting up with all of the challenges that a hectic corporate life was throwing at me. I saw it as an essential part of growing in the corporate world. Now that my kid and personal life are way more important to me than building a high-flying career, it is getting more and more difficult to put up with such things.


  2. Lots of Hugs!! Everything will go great! Kudos to you for all the effort.
    Lots of love to Bubboo and advance wishes to her for her birthday! ❤


  3. Thank you for your honest post. Moving is a stressful event, and in a general sense, motherhood is certainly very stressful at times. You may want to do it all, but I hope you are getting enough genuine support and help from others. 🙂


  4. Hugs, TGND. Big big hugs. Hang in there. These sporadic difficult moments come and go but it will definitely get better in the long run! 🙂


  5. Hugs hugs and more of it,TGND. One of my acquaintances told me this during my pregnancy : this is the easiest part. And remember that everything will be fine in the end,though the journey may be ardous. I have recollected this many a time during the times that I’m stressed in this parenting gig. I thought of sharing this with you now as I read this one. All will he fine girl..i hAve always been in awe at all the things that you do especially after Bubboo. .you are pursuing your interests,exploring places in addition to taking care of the little one.hats off to you.


    1. @Sramya19

      Thank you so much for the hugs, Ramya. They are much needed. The kind words, too.

      I had a difficult pregnancy, but now, I am beginning to feel that that was the easiest thing about parenthood! Seriously. I do hope things fall into place soon enough.

      Please don’t be in awe of me. I have a lot of help from the OH and my parents in bringing Bubboo up. When I am pursuing my interests and being myself, I am not being a great mother. When I am mothering Bubboo, I am not devoting enough time for myself. That’s the dilemma of every woman who is a mother. Sigh!

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