My First Brush With Cold Stone Ice Creams: Cream Stone

Recently, the husband and I had our first encounter with cold stone ice creams, something we were not even aware of before the said event. We had heard lots about Cream Stone, a new entrant in the ice cream sector of Bangalore, and decided to pay their store a visit. We went expecting some delicious ice cream, which we did get, but were also treated to a rather elaborate performance – the process of making the ice cream.

‘Cold stone ice creams’, for the uninitiated, is a concept very new in India, but quite popular in a lot of places elsewhere. Bangalore has seen the entry of a number of cold stone ice cream makers in recent times, many offering exotic flavours. These are priced higher than the ordinary ice creams, but the pricing is totally justified, considering the quality, ingredients used, and the novelty of the flavours, I think.

Cold stone ice creameries, as the name suggests, use a cold stone to make their ice creams. The ice creams are rolled and beaten and thrown around and what not on the cold stone, resulting in a super-smooth texture and an added creaminess. I would say the watching of the ice creams being made is an experience a foodie should have, as much as the actual eating of the ice cream.

Ice cream being banged and mashed, to add to its texture
The ice cream, ready to be served
The ice cream, ready to be served

At Cream Stone, we ordered a Willy Wonka and a Kala Jamun ice cream, the latter being a seasonal offering.

Being the lover of chocolate that I am, how could I resist ordering Willy Wonka? If something is named after one of the greatest chocolate heroes of all times, one expects it to be nothing less than chocolate nirvana. And chocolate nirvana was exactly what Willy Wonka turned out to be. Creamy smooth chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pastry, chocolate sauce, chocolate wafer – Willy Wonka contains everything imaginable in chocolate, WITHOUT overdoing it. The ice cream tastes just perfect!

That's the gorgeous Willy Wonka!
That’s the gorgeous Willy Wonka!

The kala jamun ice cream was delightful, with scoops of kala jamun ice cream and loads of crushed, fresh kala jamun fruits. The husband is a big kala jamun lover, and fell in love with the ice cream.

The kala jamun ice cream
The kala jamun ice cream

I am thrilled with the visit to Cream Stone and the taste of the goodies we had there still lingers on in my mind, even though it has been days since we visited.

I am so going back to this place again!


8 thoughts on “My First Brush With Cold Stone Ice Creams: Cream Stone

  1. Sounds interesting. I managed to visit Pabrais in chennai and loved it ! I had jamun ice cream too 🙂 Shall mark this for visiting next.


  2. I went to one cold stone ice cream place on 100 ft road a couple of years back, but found it disappointing a little too rich. But this one looks fantastic. We are definitely visiting it this weekend! That Willy Wonka has my name all over it.


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