Foodie Website Experience: La Farine

I discovered La Farine thanks to an acquaintance’s Facebook post. That person had very good things to say about the website, which claims to make fresh food simple. Then, I went on to read another post by someone else, which had good things to say about them, too. And then, there was another similar post. That did it for me. I had to order something from them, if only for the experience. I was not disappointed, not at all. In fact, I was thrilled with the experience.

About La Farine:

La Farine is a new entrant into the foodie business. Launched only in June 2015, the website sells ready-to-use doughs and batters like pizza and pita dough, gooey brownie batter, and the like.Apparently, they have some international chefs on board who help design these products, ensuring great quality and freshness. They operate from a kitchen in Koramangala, and offer door delivery of their products throughout Bangalore.

They have only a few products on offer at the moment, but I learnt that they do plan to introduce more in the near future.

What I ordered:

I ordered one packet of gooey brownie batter and one of pizza dough. They offered me an All-American pancake mix complimentary!

My experience:

As I said before, I had a very nice experience shopping with La Farine.

  • The products were very fresh, and the end products were delicious. The brownie batter, especially. I couldn’t stop eating them! The pizza dough was very soft, and the brownies turned out chocolate-ey and lovely from inside. There was a feeling of having cooked and eaten something with fresh ingredients – there was no artificial, cardboard-like quality to the products that many ready-to-cook products have. Yes, I can’t see the doughs and batters being prepared, but I am no good with making pizzas and brownies from scratch at home. So, this is a kind of middle path for me – buying the dough ready and then doing the rest of the cooking at home, in my own style. I choose to trust my gut feeling in such cases, which is good as far as La Farine is concerned.
  • The website allows you to choose a time slot for delivery, which makes it super convenient for the user. You can arrange to be home at that particular time, or arrange for someone else to be there.
  • I learnt that the website offers a free home demonstration of how to make use of their products, and requested for one. They promptly obliged. An SMS was sent to me to keep the oven pre-heated and ready, about 20 minutes before their arrival. Two members of their team visited us, and the usage of the pizza dough was demonstrated to us very well, with complete instructions on how to store the remaining dough, if any. In fact, I did not have any pizza sauce on hand, and the team members were happy to prepare some for us! While that went about, we had a nice, little chat on how La Farine came about, how they operate, and their plans for the near future. The use of the brownie batter was explained to us thoroughly, as well. I loved the friendliness of the members who visited, their professionalism and helpfulness.
  • The products are priced very reasonably, I felt. Rs. 40 for a packet of pizza dough and Rs. 110 for one of brownie batter is very good. No shipping charges were made. I am not sure if these prices will sustain in the long run, but for now, they are great.
  • In cases of all three products that we tried out – pancakes, pizza, and brownies – the quantity was reasonable. One packet of pancake batter gave me 5 medium-sized pancakes, and one packet of pizza dough gave me two medium-sized pizzas. One packet of brownie batter yielded about eight brownies, made in a deep dish.
  • All the products came well-packed in hygienic conditions, and with detailed instructions on how to use them, as well as the amount of food they would yield when cooked.
  • I liked the way La Farine allows me to cook the pizza bases as per my family’s preferences – chewy or crunchy. I cannot do that if I buy a ready-to-use pizza base off a supermarket shelf.
  • There is no minimum order quantity, at least as of now. This is something I really liked.

What I would like to change:

  • I would like for more products like idli and dosa batter and bread dough to be put up for sale. As I said earlier, I learnt that this is just a matter of time.
  • The website is very basic. It just lists the products they have on offer and their prices. I would like it if the website also mentioned the quantities that each dough or batter would yield – in spite of their boxes saying the same already – so that while I am shopping, I know exactly how many boxes I would need to buy. Also, I would like it if the website listed the basic utensils/cookware that each of their products would require.
  • I would like to see the shelf life of each product listed on the website, so that I can decide accordingly while shopping.


I am very satisfied with the customer-friendliness of La Farine, the freshness of the ingredients, the prices, and the promptness of delivery. There are no serious cons, at least as of now. I hope the same quality is sustained, always.

Would I like to shop with them again? Definitely a yes. I would love to try out more of their products.


A big yes. Do try them out, especially if you find batters and doughs tricky to manage at home.


I write this post with the sole intention of telling you of my good experience with the website, hoping that it will be helpful to you. This is based on personal experience, and is not a paid review.


12 thoughts on “Foodie Website Experience: La Farine

  1. Really helpful review! I had just come across them online as well and was considering buying pizza from them. The idea seems wonderful. I hope this keeps up


  2. I am going to check this site.. the start-ups in Bangalore seem to be blooming in the last couple of years and I heard from a marketing agency that this year has seen 1500+ startups in Bangalore. The apps for food delivery and food ordering are on an all time increase with each app trying to out do the other.. again, the services offered by La Farine are unique and are going to help many. I usually make my own pizza dough and cost is less then ten rupees for getting four regular sized pizzas. That said, offering the batter for 40 is not too high. Good post TNGD.


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