Some More Foodie Discoveries

Metro Banana Chips, Ripe Sweet flavour

I am the kind of person who looks for the ‘sweeter’ chips in a packet of banana chips. You know, the chips made out of slightly ripened bananas, which get into a packet more by chance than by design, are browner than the others, and taste a tad sweeter? I have picked out those chips to eat ever since I was kid. So, naturally, I was overjoyed when I came across packets of Metro Banana Chips in the Ripe Sweet flavour. I got one home, and was delighted. The chips were fresh and delicious, crisp and sweet, just the way I wanted them to be.

Metro Raw Sweet banana chips

Metro Banana Chips are also available in several other varieties, but I am yet to try them out. I am happy with my ripe, sweet ones for now.

Good Day Choco Chunkies

The husband got a Good Day Choco Chunkies cookie on a flight and brought it home for me. Since then, I have been hooked to them. They have that ‘home-made’ feel to them, and not the perfect roundness that we usually associate with store-bought cookies. The choco chips are chunky, as promised, and chewy.

Good Day’s Choco Chunkies

It is a pleasure eating a cookie – sometimes, two – after a meal.

Belly & Soul Goodie Box

An FB acquaintance’s post led me to the Belly & Soul page, where I learnt about their monthly Belly Boxes. Crafted by Aparna George, Bangalore-based baker, the Belly Box is a surprise box of baked goodies. Priced at Rs. 550 per box, it includes both savoury and sweet baked treats. It comes out towards the end of every month, and customers can get it directly from Aparna or from one of her chosen outlets across the city. She even does home delivery, for a slightly additional charge.

I liked the idea of a surprise goodie box, where I would be getting some things of the baker’s choice, which could even include things that I might not have picked up in a bakery myself. I had read some good reviews about the Belly Boxes and so, went ahead and booked one for myself for July. I received my box yesterday and, I must say, I am impressed.

July’s Belly Box

This month’s Belly Box included Black Forest Cuppies, a slice of Coconut Custard Pie, a couple of Cranberry Oatmeal Squares, a cup of Home-made Oreos, and a slice of Multigrain Tomato, Garlic and Onion Focaccia. Every single thing was delicious, very fresh, unique to us, and much loved by everyone at home.

All of the above goodies came packed in a beautiful white box, with crisp instructions on how each item is supposed to be eaten and stored. Also, I thought the servings were generous, and that the box is value for money.

We had a bit of a problem bringing the box home from an outlet. It shook a little, the cupcakes got smashed, and the frosting on them got a tad disturbed. This is the only ‘con’ of the Belly Box that I can think of, if at all it can be called a con.

If you are in Bangalore, go ahead and order your Belly Box for the next month. Let yourself be surprised! I am sure you will not regret it at all.

Desserted, Vasanthnagar

The husband and I discovered Desserted, cafe and patisserie, at Vasanthnagar, quite by chance. We were passing by, the place looked interesting, it was time for lunch, and we decided to stop by for lunch. I am so, so glad we did, for it is a wonderful place, indeed.

Run by two sisters who love baking and cooking, Desserted stands in a prime location, bang opposite Mount Carmel College. The seating is cosy and comfortable, the place is green and pretty, and the ambience is warm and busy. No wonder it is frequented by a huge number of college students!

Desserted is a charming, old bungalow converted into an eatery, which made the place all the more fascinating for me. The eatery has the feel of an international patisserie, and the design of the menu reflects that.

I liked the way one of the two sisters personally interacts with the guests, making them comfortable, enabling them to have a warm and happy experience. We met one of them, too. I love the way this eatery ‘feels’ – not at all cold and sterile, like some eating establishments have felt to me.

The frontage of Desserted

We ordered a Pasta Exotica, a Baguette Sandwich, a Watermelon Juice, and a Cold Coffee. Everything tasted great, especially the Pasta Exotica, which both of us just loved. I liked how everything was made with good-quality, fresh ingredients – there was no scrimping on that. The prices are in the mid-range, I would say, neither too high nor too low. That said, I would say the meal was totally value for money.

I also loved the way Desserted serves its beverages in cute jars!

Cold coffee in a jar at Desserted

There are workshops, baking classes, and other events that happen quite regularly at Desserted. I do hope to check them out some time.

There is a quaint little shop inside the campus, selling a good variety of desserts. I got home a Lemon Tart from here, which I thought was delicious, though it was too tangy for the husband’s palate.

Lemon Tart from Desserted

I would love to go back here, and sample the other things on their menu, especially the desserts.

Do check out this place if you are in the vicinity. Highly recommended!


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    1. @Visha

      Well, I have had over a year of boredom on the social front, plus loneliness thanks to the OH being away frequently, and a lot of stress. So, I would say I totally deserve these little treats and discoveries. πŸ™‚


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