In Pics: Tinkering About In A Goan Shipyard

I do not have the wherewithal for slow travel, where I can stay at a place for weeks or months on end, sample a variety of foods, visit spots beyond the usual tourist destinations, interact with the locals, and live like a local. Wherever I visit, I have to rush on to my home, my family, my work after a week, at the most. I envy those who have the luxury of travelling slowly, at their own pace, unencumbered by schedules and the like. I, on the other hand, slow down once I reach my destination and, instead of fast ticking off things from a touristy to-do list, try to get in as many local, unique experiences as I can. That is the best I can do, given the space I have.

This ensures that I always have something new to discover, every time I visit a place, however small it might be. Things and experiences that are new to me, I mean, not necessarily ‘new’ in the literal sense of the word. Goa has been no exception.

We have visited Goa a few times, but there is a lot there that we have not yet explored. On our recent trip, we did something new to us, something we had always wanted to do, but never actually did – visiting a shipyard. And what an experience it was! It was Samanth Subramanian who jolted me out of my reverie with his beautiful descriptions of shipyards in Gujarat, and inspired me to, finally, do this! πŸ™‚

We were in quite a hurry and could make only a brief pit-stop at the shipyard at Vasco Da Gama. the few minutes we spent there were more than enough to fill us with awe, though.

We saw a number of huge vehicles at various stages in the process of being built, some being painted, some still being put together. A few of these ships looked old, worn out after several sea voyages, and were in the process of being repaired.

Workers, like busy bees, were milling around with their tools and equipments, getting the ships ready to embark on a journey far, far, far away on the sea.

My imagination began working overtime as soon as we entered the shipyard. Where would this ship travel to? Who would sail on that ship? Pirates, treasures, love affairs, virgin beaches, exotic clothes and spices, mermaids – I began building stories in my mind. Oh, all the stories that the sailors of these ships could tell me!What is to not love about these gorgeous ships? How could I not be mesmerized on seeing these giants being crafted from scratch, or having their dents ironed out?

Like an alarm clock rudely awakening one from a deep slumber on a chilly winter morning, our cab driver’s call came all too soon. We had to rush back. Well, the next time around, I do want to spend more time here, just taking in the sights and sounds and capturing them on camera to the best possible extent.


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