Of A City And Its Contrasts

Bangalore has many names – like ‘City of Gardens’, ‘City of Pubs’, and, lately, ‘City of Malls’.  Most of these names indicate so-called progress, the forward march of the city towards modernity.

Along with the modern glass buildings and malls and huge signboards and boutique hotels in Bangalore city, the old, narrow roads, centuries-old eateries and temples and other establishments exist side by side. Right beside the posh houses and fine-dining restaurants exist slums and chaos and filth and… pigs. These contrasts, these layers are what intrigue me most – not only in Bangalore, but in whichever place I visit. My mind is drawn to these many layers that a place is enveloped in.

I had the opportunity to witness one of these contrasts recently, near the very posh HSR Layout in Bangalore. Small lanes near the layout are home to families of pigs, and some huge ones can be easily spotted foraging on the streets.

A jarring contrast, but an interesting one, nonetheless.

Apparently, HSR Layout and its surroundings are not the only places which have witnessed a surge in pig population lately.


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