The Last Two Weeks…

… have been among the most eventful, and interesting ones, in our family. A lot happened in these two weeks, after over a year of inactivity.

Bubboo went on her first trip to Madras with her parents, where she saw the beach for the first time ever and bonded with her great-grandmother and Mama-Thatha. Some sightseeing and some shopping happened too, after what seems like ages. Yay!

Then, finally, Dabolima aka Bubboo met the Goan waters. 🙂 Her parents tagged along, of course! 😉 The trip to Goa also happened to be Bubboo’s first airplane journey.

We had some of the most delicious food at both these places, and met some really interesting, colourful people. And, we put on oodles of weight, but that is a small price to pay for all the fun we had.

We are back home now, exhausted, with a lot of chores piled up, but with a lot of great experiences and wonderful memories in our wallet. Detailed posts will, hopefully, be up on the blog soon! Wait for ’em!


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