More Foodie Discoveries

Fruit creams at Bombaysthan, Mosque Road, Frazer Town

I never knew of fruit creams until recently, and it was a Facebook post that enlightened me about it. I am not talking about fruit-based ice cream here – that is very commonly available. What I am talking about is a rich, creamy, delightful dessert with real fruit in it.

The husband and I visited Mosque Road last weekend to take in the sights and sounds of the Iftaar there, and came across Bombaysthan, which claimed to serve 100% vegetarian food, with 100% fresh fruit. We promptly entered and ordered a Sitaphal Cream. It didn’t disappoint – not one bit. We loved it, in fact. Fresh, just the right amount of sweet, beautifully rich and creamy, with chunks of juicy custard apple, the Sitaphal Cream was just perfect. It must have had an insane amount of calories in it, too, but I prefer not to dwell on that as of now.

Sitaphal Cream at Bombaysthan

This time around, the husband and I shared one cup of the cream. The next time, I am so very sure that is not going to be the case. We do plan to make a visit there very soon and sample all the other delicious-sounding creams, especially the Litchi Cream.

The place also serves sandwiches and French fries and a lot of other savouries, which we did not get around to tasting. Well, next time!


Mexican Bhel at TOIT, Indiranagar

The husband and I happened to visit TOIT on a Saturday afternoon when it was extremely busy, not to forget extremely noisy. Nevertheless, we just loved the ambience, and will definitely be going back there, in quieter times, to savour more of it. The food was lovely, too, though the prices were a bit on the higher side.

Worth a special mention here is the Mexican Bhel that we ordered on a whim. It was wonderfully fresh, tangy and spicy and sour all at once. The fresh jalapeno peppers and lettuce leaves blended wonderfully well with the nachos and sauce it was served with. This is one thing we are sure we will be ordering all over again.

Mexican Bhel at TOIT


Karupatti and Sukku Malli Coffee

For the longest time, I had been looking for palm jaggery, the supposedly healthier cousin of jaggery, a supposedly much better sweetener than sugar or ordinary jaggery, safe even to be given to babies. I managed to find palm jaggery, popularly known as ‘karupatti’ in Tamil, at M.K. Retail, HSR Layout. Right beside it on the shelf was another version of palm jaggery – with a variety of herbs and spices (thipli, dry ginger powder included) added to it.  Both versions were bought immediately.

The latter version can be used to prepare Sukku Malli Coffee in a shortcut manner: just boil it with some water, and that’s it! I did just that recently. That was the first  I tasted the coffee, and I loved it. It has a lot of medicinal properties, and is good for cough, cold, indigestion, headache and a number of other, minor ailments. The spice-infused palm jaggery is quite good to eat by itself, too.

Home-made sukku malli coffee and the spice-added jaggery I used to make it


Dhal Masala at Sri Vinayaka Benne Gulkand, Gandhi Bazaar

In the midst of the busy Gandhi Bazaar lies this tiny store – Sri Vinayaka Benne Gulkand – a blink-and-you-will-miss-it kind of place. We are not big fans of gulkand, so we almost never try it out. We do love the variety of chaats that this store dishes out, especially the Dhal Masala.

The Dhal Masala here is very different from the chaats commonly available around the city. It has fried moong dal, little pieces of onion and cucumber, grated carrots, finely chopped coriander leaves, and just the right amount of tangy lemon juice. To our taste buds, it feels just perfect. Don’t miss this bit of chaat heaven in a donne (bowl made of leaves) the next time you are in Gandhi Bazaar! Highly recommended!

Dhal Masala at Sri Vinayaka Benne Gulkand, Gandhi Bazaar


What have been your foodie discoveries, lately?