Discoveries, Of The Food Type

Gujarati and Rajasthani delicacies at Shree Bhavani Sweets, Vidyaranyapura

This is a little hole-in-the-wall kind of sweet shop located in a side street in Vidyaranyapura, which you’ll miss if you blink. I am not a big fan of their sweets, but I do love the Gujarati and Rajasthani delicacies that they serve. For instance, their mirchi bajji, which is huge and a filling snack, all by itself – it is no ordinary mirchi bajji, it comes stuffed with a potato filling that is spicy, sweet and sour, making for a delicious bite.

Mirchi bajji at Shree Bhavani Sweets, Vidyaranyapura

This place also serves the best khaman I have ever had in Bangalore – fat and dripping with juice, just the perfect blend of sour and sweet and spicy, again. They call it dhokla, though. Khaman or dhokla, these yellow beauties have the power to kick out the ones at Rajdhani, I think.

The vada pav here is great too, better than the fancy ones you get at chain joints like Goli or Jumbo King. They are simple and packed with flavour, just the way authentic vada pav is.

Everything here is priced very reasonably, including the delicacies I have mentioned here.

Fruit of Forest Cake from Sweet Chariot

The husband and I are big fans of the pastries and cakes from Sweet Chariot. I have often written about these sweet goodies on my blog.

I love most of the pastries and cakes here, but the Fruit of Forest cake tops all of them. We got one recently for the husband’s birthday, and more than loved it. It comes filled with nuts and tropical fruits, with Sweet Chariot’s characteristic freshness and moistness. Super delish!

Fruit of Forest cake at Sweet Chariot

I haven’t seen this flavour available in pastries in Sweet Chariot outlets – as far as I know, it is available only in birthday cakes. Worth a try, for sure, though.

Dessert in a mason jar at Green Theory, Richmond Town

For the OH’s birthday, we went to Green Theory, Richmond Town, for lunch. A small but green space, it is pet- and children-friendly, and boasts of food made from organic ingredients. We did have a lovely, relaxed lunch there!

The green outdoor seating at Green Theory

I especially loved the Rice With Three Bean Curry and Tomato-Basil Pasta that we had. The Farmhouse Pizza that we ordered did not live up to our expectations, sadly.

I loved the way they served their desserts in little mason jars – cute and charming presentation. We ordered a Chocolate Indulgence for dessert; we were not too happy with the taste, but we loved the presentation!

Chocolate Indulgence at Green Theory

The food prices were slightly on the higher side, but not much. The ambience of the restaurant is definitely worth experiencing, especially the outdoor seating.

Recipe kits from Chef’s Basket

As you guys already know, I am not one for processed foods and ready-to-cook kits. I made an exception recently, though, and picked up a Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit at Namdhari’s, for Thai Green Curry and Jasmine Rice. The kits claimed no use of artificial ingredients or preservatives, and I decided to give one a try. I made it yesterday and, I must say, I am happy with it.

The kit, with its sleek and pretty packaging

Chef’s Basket recipe kits are not your typical supermarket dunk-in-boiling-water-and-eat food-kits. According to the Chef’s Basket website, the kits help you prepare those exotic foods that you shell out huge money to buy in eateries, and which you never thought you could make at home – like burritos or pasta in creamy white sauce. These kits provide you with most of the ingredients that you would need to make these dishes, including spices, rice, oil, and measuring cup, excluding fresh vegetables.

The ingredients for the Thai food, neatly packed inside the kit

The instructions on the kit are simple and easy to follow, and usage of vessels commonly available in the Indian kitchen are recommended. It was a breeze preparing the food! I only had to buy a few vegetables to add to the curry – capsicum, baby corn, carrots and zucchini – and tofu. The rest was all there, in the kit.

The final product that I came up with

Priced at Rs. 300, this recipe kit was a nice and economical way to enjoy a meal that we would never have managed to cook at home otherwise, I think. The food tasted good, too, and not artificial and chemical and tasteless, the way food from many ready-to-eat food kits I have used were. The quantity was good enough for two.

Now, I want to try out their other food kits, too.


What have your foodie discoveries been, lately?


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