Of little sweet gestures, and of love

So, the OH has been away working in Delhi again, and I have been feeling like an army man’s wife all over again.

Recently, the OH sent over some toys he had picked up for Bubboo in Delhi with a friend who was travelling to Bangalore. ‘He will come home and give you a bag,’ the OH told me. ‘There are some toys for the princess, and there is a little something in there for you too,’ he said. ‘For me? What?,’ I asked curiously. ‘Just go through the things in the bag. You will know what I have sent for you,’ he said. And so, I waited, with bated breath, for the friend (and the bag!) to arrive home.

When they did arrive, I found what had been sent for me – a pretty pink toy rose with a pink handle. It is a battery-operated thing, with a tiny bulb hidden inside the rose, glowing when you turn a switch on. The rose is beautifully made, with what looks like minute pink plastic pebbles.

I am touched by the gesture. Immensely. I know the OH has a busy life in Delhi. The fact that he chose to shop for toys on a weekend when he was free means a lot to me. And it means even more that he thought of me while doing so, and sent over something to show that he cares.

The rose sits on my computer table as I work, now. It is a sweet reminder to not feel very low whenever I am lonely.


18 thoughts on “Of little sweet gestures, and of love

  1. Awwww πŸ™‚ The husband brought me a cotton dress material from Chn which was such a big surprise. I can so relate to this post. It means a lot to know that they think about us even when they are busy themselves πŸ™‚


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