Why Bubboo?

If you have been regularly reading this blog, you know who Bubboo is. For those who don’t, Bubboo is my darling daughter, the light of our lives, the thing that keeps us going. That is how I refer to her on my blog. She is now 7 months old, learning new things every day, growing up immensely in what seems like the blink of an eye, keeping us busy on our feet all day (and, sometimes, all night) long. We love her to bits and then some more, the husband and I.

Why ‘Bubboo’?, you might ask. Why not any other name? I will be quick to tell you that the name just came to me, out of the blue, one fine day during my pregnancy. I was in the third month of my pregnancy – I think – and the husband and I were talking about the child within me. ‘Bubboo is growing inside me,’ I said suddenly. The husband loved the name; he felt it was immensely cute. It was gender-neutral, too. We always called the baby Bubboo after that, till she came out and we decided on her official name. We still call her Bubboo at times, even when no blogspeople are around, just because the urge strikes us.

When it was time for news of the little one’s birth to make an appearance on my blog, I decided to stick to Bubboo. The name seemed to suit her even after birth, I felt. She is a Bubboo kind of baby. So, Bubboo it is now, and Bubboo it will be, in the foreseeable future.


10 thoughts on “Why Bubboo?

  1. I know what you mean. I called my son Tutu in the womb( it just popped in my head), and i continued to call him that for several months till his name stuck πŸ™‚


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