Boiler Tea In Trichy

Everywhere we went in Trichy, we spotted tea stalls using this tall, cylinder-like, brass thing that I had never seen before. Many tea stall owners had decorated them with sacred ash, kumkum, chandan, flowers and what not, signifying their importance. Later, the husband told me that these are boilers, typically used in South India to make tea.

In the midst of a busy day shopping and visiting temples in and around Trichy, I had the opportunity to sample the ‘boiler tea’ at one of these stalls. It was lovely! No masala, a far cry from the tea that you usually find in North India, but well brewed and tasty.

I also met the cutest of babies at this tea stall, who cooed and smiled at me endlessly. Two big dimples appeared on his cheeks every time he smiled, and I couldn’t take his eyes off him. πŸ™‚

Time was limited, and we couldn’t stop to observe the workings of the boiler, which are supposed to be rather intricate. Next time…

Sadly, boiler tea stalls in South India are having a tough time with the rising prices of fuel. It might not be long before these stalls disappear totally. 😦


11 thoughts on “Boiler Tea In Trichy

  1. This is interesting. Had never seen or heard of boiler tea. I love reading blogs because of this.. you learn so many new and interesting thigns πŸ˜€


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