It Was Dark And Stormy Last Night …

… like something out of a horror movie or a scary book. The rain was pouring down in torrents, thunder alternating with lightning in sending shivers down the spine. There was no electricity at our place, thanks to the UPS battery draining out completely.

Bubboo and I were safely ensconced in the cocoon of our home, but still restless, uncomfortable. A sleepy child makes for crankiness, and I knew I had to make Bubboo sleep soon if I wanted to get some sleep myself. Moreover, I had to keep her from getting too scared of the loud thunder and the darkness, and had to keep her mind off the lack of fans. We do have an emergency light, but it is dodgy, working at its own will.

What did I do? Indulged Bubboo in some funny shadow play as she nursed.



She watched, mesmerised by the shadows and was fast asleep within half an hour.

The emergency light conked off a bit later, but Madame was soundly sleeping by then. Thank God for little mercies!

Picture Courtesy: My Amma (for all three photos)


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