The Cashew Apples Of Jayamahal Road

Jayamahal Road in Bangalore is, for me, synonymous with the many cashew fruit sellers who do brisk business there, in season. There are vendors selling the gorgeously red fruits in cane baskets lined up at intervals throughout the road. Some of the fruits are kept ready in plastic bags, which these sellers rush to the passing vehicles that come to a standstill at the traffic signal. It is one of the million little things that makes Bangalore Bangalore for me, and I love watching them in action. Though I love looking at the fruit – popularly called cashew fruit or cashew apple – and photographing it, I am not very fond of it taste-wise. It is an acquired taste, I would say. The husband happens to love it.

I just got to know that cashew apples are used in making a type of feni. Now, considering that I do not drink, that doesn’t tempt me much. The fruit, apparently, has a number of health benefits, which I got to know of recently. This knowledge might just tempt me to buy a few of them the next time I pass by Jayamahal Road.

Have you ever had cashew apples? Do you like them?


6 thoughts on “The Cashew Apples Of Jayamahal Road

  1. I have plucked them of the trees and eaten. They are quite juicy and chewy. Wouldn’t say they are my favorite, but I don’t mind them at all. Childhood memories and all πŸ™‚


  2. I had it for the first time last week on the way to Chennai – bought it from a guy at the toll. Strangely they were yellow in color. Also, I didnt like it at all. S liked it though πŸ™‚


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