How Do You…

….get a decent passport-size photograph of a six-month-old whose neck is still a tad wobbly?

Here is how.

Wait for a day when the baby is not sleepy or cranky after a feed. Within business hours.

Dress her up nicely in something bright and cheerful.

Check for crankiness again. If you find any, you would do better to postpone the photograph-taking to another, better day. If you don’t find any, rush her to the nearest photo studio before it makes an appearance.

Pacify her when she starts crying on seeing the photographer. Pull clown faces to make her laugh.

Make her sit on the photographer’s stool.

Keep adjusting her dress, which she will, invariably, try to pull up and stuff in her mouth.

Ensure that there are no drool patches on her dress.

Ask your husband to crouch down on the floor and hold her waist, in a way that doesn’t obstruct the photograph-taking.

Stand behind the photographer and keep calling out to the baby, so that she avoids all distractions and looks at you.

If the photographer is sweet, he will help at this stage by whistling, trying to make the baby smile.

Request the photographer to keep clicking till he gets one good shot, where the baby is not blinking, drooling, crying, sucking her thumb, staring intensely at her feet, trying to look at your husband, or eating her dress.

Take a half-look at the picture in the photographer’s camera, and approve it.

Try to politely answer the photographer’s numerous queries about why the baby’s neck is not stable yet.

Thank the photographer, promising to collect the pictures the next day.

Heave a sigh of relief.


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