Our Little Ganesha

As soon as Madame Bubboo opens her eyes every morning, there are five people who rush to her bedside – the OH, my Appa, my Amma, my Patti, and me. All of us want a piece of the cute smiles Bubboo hands out immediately after she wakes up. Each one of us wants to be the first to see Bubboo in the morning, and to be the first one that she sees every morning. Fun times!

Most of the times, we call each other and announce that her royal highness is wide awake. Some times, though, we are selfish and want her all to ourselves – one of us plays with Bubboo for a full 10 minutes or so without letting the others know that she has woken up. In case of the latter, all the others rush to her bedside as soon as we hear her squeals and giggles. Inevitably, fights occur. 🙂

She is our own Little Ganesha, as the OH says. We seek her and her blessings every morning, first thing. He is so right. God and babies are not so very different, at least for us.


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